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Mindfulness meditation is a gentle practice for creating a balanced life. The simplicity of it is profound. There are no rules. No right or wrong methods.

Meditation is simple. There are no rigid structures getting in the way. Mindfulness meditation strips away the shoulds and musts of modern living, bringing life back to the simplicity of experiencing.

Being mindful means experiencing gentle awareness of your emotions and thoughts. It is about allowing yourself to see the experiences, emotional states, thought processes, actions, and reactions that create your life as you are going through it. Through that act of seeing and experiencing (living meditation), clarity increases and you naturally align to a state of harmony and peacefulness.

Harmony and peace are natural states of the mind. A simple mindfulness practice will reconnect you with that natural state of serenity. We've created a simple guide for mindfulness meditation. Let's get started now...


How to meditate for beginners : A step by step guide.

Simple wisdoms on Zen meditation including a technique to get you started.

Where did meditation originate? A history of meditation.

Meditation quotes for inspiration.

Meditation experiences shared by people from around the world.


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