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You've probably heard this phrase a thousand times, but have you put it into action in your life? It's time to find balance in all aspects of your being, so you can live the joyful, fulfilled life you've always wanted.

So what does it mean? A basic definition is viewing the totality of your mental, physical and spiritual states to arrive at a point of balance between them. It's the essence of the word "holistic" which means to take into consideration all aspects of a person's being rather than just the physical.

Holistic means whole. Looking at the whole picture.
Focusing on the whole package...


Mind body spirit also refers to an approach to wellness that encompasses all factors that either raise or lower health.

An example would be making the connection that for some reason you just "don't feel well" when doing a certain activity or being in a certain place. Using the approach of mind body spirit, you would make the correlation that for whatever reason, whether proven by science or not, that activity or place affects you detrimentally.

Using a holistic approach, you would want to explore what it is about the activity or place that doesn't feel right, see if the "feeling" is coming from a physical level, a mental/emotional level, or a spiritual level... then take steps to minimize it's influence in your life.

Another example (focusing on the positive this time) is realizing that a certain activity "feels good" to you. It could be painting with water colors, walking on the beach, visiting with a certain friend, or even just sitting in a certain place.

It could be that when doing a certain activity any pain you typically experience feels diminished, or that you always feel refreshed and energized afterwards.

Using the mind body and spirit concept, you would be open-minded to the idea that the activity is affecting you physiologically in a beneficial way, once again, even if modern science hasn't gotten around to publishing a study on it's positive effects.

The mind body spirit approach is about listening carefully to inner cues about what feels beneficial and what doesn't, and then acting on that knowledge by minimizing or increasing it's influence on your life.

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