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Metaphysical understanding of grudge

by Anonymous

Grudge has been brought to my attention as one of my issues. I applied it to an immediate situation. I think it may be greater than occurrences of the past years. How might I understand grudge as something to overcome in this life time?

Hello Anon,

Interestingly enough we have a page on the subject. Check it out here: Releasing Grudges Energy Healing Technique

Do this releasing grudges energy healing technique every day for a few months. Then let us know what your results are!

The technique is a powerful way of turning that negative energy around and I'm sure you'll have good results with it.

On an even deeper level, since you feel this may be one of your major life lessons during this incarnation, it is going to be important for you to work through this energy intensively.

The energy of grudge-holding often manifests when a person feels that another person "owed" them something. Whether it's a tangible, physical item or an emotional connection, etc.

Look at your life and really explore the concept of free will. Realize that everyone around you is entitled to act in any way they want, and it is not in your control to effect their behavior.

Meditate on this concept. You may realize that it is what people are not doing (that you feel they should be doing) that is causing you to feel this resentment energy.

The beauty of the concept of free will is that you, in turn are entitled to act in any way you want. Review each person in your life that you are holding a grudge against.

Examine whether having them in your life is for your best interest. Sometimes a person feels resentment and grudge energy because the relationship between them and the other individual is one-sided.

Are the people you are holding grudges against really for your highest and greatest good? If not, act on that free will and distance yourself from them. Find other people who feel "good" to be around.

I would recommend the grudges technique I linked to above, meditation on the subject, a review of each individual you feel a grudge towards, and holding a rose quartz crystal to your heart chakra.

This will be a good start for you to delve into the deeper reasons why you are experiencing heavy grudge energy. Let us know how it goes!


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