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Memoirs of a mantra maniac.

by Adele Kearns

This is me

This is me

This is me

I've always wanted to write a book, probably because my Dad encouraged me to and always believed I could. I've loved reading since I can remember and I eventually became an English teacher who has travelled quite well in parts of the world- actually only the Middle East.

I've repeated positive sayings or mantras to myself for a long time. I like to believe ,rather that they are prayers. I reckon I'm spiritually- minded and feel that the state of your spirit is all important.

My mantras I collected from Dad, Khalil Gibran, my sister, my friends and my students. My courage I know I received from God and Martin Luther King. Sounds crazy, but I teach my son about all these amazing people all the time. Some of it will stay with him. The most positive person in the world is my husband who always reserves judgement and looks on the bright side.

So I guess it's been a mixture of good luck and the charm of great people around me that has kept me going over the years. I think it's time I wrote a real book. I had an astounding vision last night, that my story should be told. I want to pass it on to my son and my students. Young people hold the world up, so it's for them.

I intend using the simple mantras that I cottoned onto over the years to encourage others and to face my fears ,griefs,sins, truths, joys and lessons. What else is there anyway? We need to be honest and true. So I'm going to do it.

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