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Energy Healing Story Coming Full Circle Rosary Beads and Buddhist Meditation  
I never felt like I was a good meditator. I first tried meditation when I was a college student and one of my room mates was a follower of an Indian …

Does anyone know what prayers, chants, etc. Tina Turner is chanting on Larry King. You can you tube it to listen.

Just Getting Started with Healing Meditation 
I was just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. I've only been meditating for a few months and have experienced amazing things. I feel the …

Sacred Meditation Not rated yet
I've been a meditator for 20 years and there's no other spiritual practice that has moved me or informed me so deeply. Of course, it's evolved over …

Counselor uses Mindful Meditation and Yoga Not rated yet
I have had a few different very positive experiences with using meditation in my life. A few years ago while in college I attended a meditative yoga class, …

Zen Meditation to Slow Down  Not rated yet
My work-time zen meditation is a time to "reboot my mind". I have never gotten deeply into Eastern religions, but they have always appealed to me …

Meditation Technique to Reduce Stress Not rated yet
I learned a breathing meditation through the Art of Living folks. At the time, I was going through an extremely stressful patch in my life, and was casting …

Energy Healing Story Hindu Meditation Om in a Time of War Not rated yet
Hindu Meditation: The civil war in Srilanka toppled my life. I lost my eldest son, my father and my brother in law within four months.I was chased …

Energy Healing Story Meditation Upon the Ant A New Perspective about Life Not rated yet
As I often do in summer on sunlit mornings, I hiked into the woods near a pond. There I often sit on a rock and mull over the sounds and sights …

Energy Healing Story Guided Meditation Set Me on My Spiritual Path Not rated yet
The first time I meditated , I was extremely stressed out and trying to determine just exactly what I believed in spiritually. I had a friend who …

Energy Healing Story Guided Meditation CD Improved my Meditation Practice Not rated yet
A guided meditation CD improved my meditation practice: I had meditated off and on over the years with excellent physical results – low blood pressure, …

Energy Healing Story The Healer Yogi Nath Ji Not rated yet
I am a follower of Nath Panth by birth. I say "By Birth" because my father was a disciple of Nath Ji, a yogi of Nath Panth. Nath Panthi are devotees …

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