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how to meditate for beginners
How to Meditate for Beginners
Even Children can Learn Meditation

Meditation can seem complex for folks new to the practice. There are so many different styles, systems, and methods that you can get overwhelmed by the choices. So let's take it back to basics...

We're going to demystify some of the myths floating around and get you started on a solid practice. Then we're going to walk you through your first meditation experience. Let's get started...


* Anyone can meditate: It doesn't require body-bending acrobatics or genius-level I.Q. results.

* There are no rules: If someone has given you a list of rules to follow for a successful meditation practice, throw the list away!

* Meditation is simple: It is the act of mindful presence in the present moment, reconnecting with yourself, becoming calmer and more serene. As mentioned above. There are no rules. You simply agree with yourself to sit consciously for a few minutes and savor the experience of the present moment.

* Meditation is not a Religion: Meditation exists beyond the border of religions. A person can meditate and be Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, Polytheistic, or Pantheistic. The first written mention of meditation occurred around 5,000 years ago, before the birth of most modern day religions.

* There is no such thing as doing meditation wrong: Each person will have their own methods and skill levels with meditation. Just the act of meditation will put you in closer connection with your inner self.

* Meditation Reduces Stress: Try it out after a particularly stressful day and see for yourself.

* You can meditate for as long or as short as you want: If you have no time on a certain day, slip it in for one minute. Even one minute can promote a healthier, more balanced state of being.

* There's no right or wrong time to meditate: Some people prefer it in the mornings or evenings. Other's slip it in during their lunch break from work. Do what works for you and your life schedule.

* You can choose whatever meditation position you prefer: You do not need to sit in full lotus position if it is uncomfortable for you. You can do it sitting in a straight-backed chair, or even lying down in bed.

* You do not need a Guru or spiritual teacher to teach you how to meditate: You can begin the practice without any outside influences if you wish, or you can look to some teachers for inspirational meditation quotes and information. Otherwise, keep to the basics. Simply sit quietly, focus on the present, and follow your breath.

* Meditation does not require any other actions: You do not need to become vegetarian, live in an ashram, join Buddhism, and do without sex or alcohol. Meditation is a lifestyle choice, just as all of these other things are. You can choose to adopt a meditation practice without altering any other aspects of your life if you so desire.

* Meditation can be done anywhere: You can do it at home, on your traffic commute, in the shower, on an airplane, at work, sitting in the park and anywhere.

how to meditate for beginners compilation

Everyone can meditate, and everyone will have a slightly different way of doing it. It's called individuality and listening to your intuition.Your journey will be different than someone else's. Some people meditate for enlightenment. Others to help reduce stress from their corporate jobs. Others to improve their golf swing. It's funny, but meditation can help with all of these things. Let's get started with a simple "how to meditate for beginners" meditation.


beginners guide how to meditate

How to Meditate for Beginners: Find a quite place and time when you won't be distracted. Your bedroom is probably a good place to get started. Get comfortable. You can sit in a straight back chair, sit cross-legged (full-lotus position) or even lay down on your back, whatever feels right for you.

Now spend a few minutes in this position. You can focus on your breath (Zen meditation style), or clear your mind of thoughts (Mindfulness meditation style).

You'll probably find your thoughts going a mile a minute. This is normal for those who are learning how to meditate. Just allow those thoughts to rise up, honor them, release them, and refocus your intention back to a quieter mind. Meditate for as long as feels comfortable. For some of you it may be just a minute or two, for others it may be ten, twenty minutes or even longer.

And that's it.... you've just completed your first simple meditation. The basic steps of meditating are quite easy. With time and practice you'll find it easier to settle into your meditation time, and random thoughts won't be so prominent.

As your practice develops you'll find you react to stressful situations more gracefully, have an easier time focusing on goals and tasks, and in general have a feeling of peace and contentment that may have been previously missing from your life.


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