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Massage, Reiki and Me...

My background is pharmacy, however I left that job in order to pursue another career as I grew tired of compromising my morals for the well being of the company. I can't really say I found massage, as massage therapy found me. I was looking for a way to remain in the healthcare industry, and I wanted to be more hands on... next thing I know, I'm a massage therapy student.

In pharmacy we are taught that alternative medicine is a hoax. So, I go into massage therapy and its a bit shocking at first, but I find myself enthralled with the various modalities available to meet ones needs. In passing I heard someone speak of this method known as Reiki... slight blurb about chakras, healing with energy, etc etc.

This peaked my interest a bit and so I began to do my own research on the side. I found that I could not get enough information on the subject and quickly determined that this would be my first CEU after I got my license.

As I was now determined to dig a bit deeper into this "Reiki" business, I went ahead and scheduled a Reiki session with a clinic nearby. I didn't care about the cost, I wanted to experience for myself what I would have the potential ability to do.

My past is rough - domestic violence, a divorce, a history of cheating boyfriends, lots of death, sorrow, etc.

During my session I learned that my 2nd chakra was in excess whereas my 4th chakra was blocked. This explained SO much with what I was personally battling emotion wise...

After my session was over, I found myself a bit more relaxed, and more at peace with some of the pain that I had been harboring. It was as if someone had spoken directly to my soul and given it permission to let go and forgive.

And to branch off of this story, I have become such a believer that I actually have two tattoos related to such... which with them, brought their own unique experience as well.

On the underside of my left forearm, I have the 2nd chakra in pure orange. The tattoo is no bigger than a half dollar.

On my right forearm, I have the 4th chakra in green. Once again, no bigger than a half dollar.

I am by no means promoting that anyone goes out and begins tattooing the chakras on their body... however for me, this was something that I felt very drawn to do. (These are not my first tattoos either).

I chose these two chakras for my forearms as they are my excess and my deficient. Complete opposites - and when I see them, they are my reminder to stay balanced in everything I do in life.

I remember once my first tattoo (the sacral) was complete, I felt a certain sense of peace with myself, as though I had finally found my path in life. Upon getting the second (heart) tattoo, I found myself unphased by things that would normally bother me... I am now studying Reiki, and am working with the intentions on becoming a Reiki Master, and spending some time in Japan studying under a Reiki Master there.

At the end of the day, Reiki has changed my life. And now, when I look down at my arms and I see my tattoos, I am reminded that everything will be okay, I just need to trust in myself, and the path that I am being taken on.

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