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Manifesting the Perfect Job Fast

by Diane

Hi, Could you send me some extra energy healing - I am in a job search mode and my goal is to manifest my perfect job in the next 6 weeks in a positive mode. Thanks, Diane

Hello Diane, I would be delighted to send some good energy your way. I will be sending it today, as I do for all the people who visit Energy Healing Info on a regular basis, but I will also continue to send energy your way for the next few weeks. I wish you all the best in manifesting a job that is for your highest and greatest good. It's always cool to get a job that allows you to feel good about yourself and that generates a great income.

If you like crystals, you might want to carry around a piece of jadeite, garnet, or peridot. All three of these stones can be of help in manifesting prosperity.

Positive affirmations are also great. We've got a few on the website. If any of them appeal to you, repeat them daily and you might enhance your likelihood of success. It's important to remember that energy healing always works. It doesn't always look like what we expect, but it always helps.

Dream Well and Blessed Be,

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