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lotus flower symbol meaning

The lotus flower symbol has deep, mythic meaning for many cultures.

The lotus blossom has been revered, attributed to deities, and meditated on for thousands of years.

The mystical lotus bloom appears in poetry, the writings of saints and sages, on temple walls, and as a central concept in several world religions.

What is it about this flower, above all others, that causes so many to color it with spiritual signifigance?


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Fascination with the lotus blossom can be traced back to ancient Egypt, India and Asia, appearing in the mythologies and religions of these cultures for thousands of years.

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The lotus is associated with creation, the afterlife, enlightenment, fertility and sensuality, purity, and health. Many cultures ascribe different virtues to the different colors of the blooms as well as the quantity of petals on the bloom.

The lotus is also associated with the 7 chakras, Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahai, and Egyptian mythos.

Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower represents awakening to spiritual consciousness.

In Indian culture, the Lotus flower represents enlightenment, wealth, knowledge, and connection to the divine. It is associated with the goddess of wealth, Maha Lakshmi, who represents purity, prosperity and generosity. She sits on a fully blossomed lotus flower.

In Egypt the Lotus flower is called Sesen. In Egyptian mythology, the lotus flower is a symbol of the sun, creation and rebirth.

It is even mentioned briefly in the Islamic tradition, that if a person dies in a state of ihram (a purification period before embarking on a pilgrimage) that they should be washed in water that has been perfumed with lotus flowers.

With such widespread interest and spiritual signifigance attributed to the lotus, it deserves a deeper look into the symbolism surrounding it.

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