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Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbols.
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The lotus flower in Hinduism has many layers of symbolism. The lotus appears in creation stories, enlightenment stories, and in association with the chakras.

lotus flower meaning

Like the Egyptian lotus flower symbolism mentioned on the last page, Hindus have a creation story with a lotus as well. The lotus flower takes central stage in one of the Hindu creation stories featuring Vishnu. In the story, Vishnu is asleep on the serpent of eternity in the cosmic ocean before there was heaven, earth or anything in between.

The goddess Lakshmi tends to him as he sleeps. Then from the depths of the universe, the humming of om awakes him.

As the long night of eternity comes to an end, a lotus flower blossoms from Vishnu's naval. On the lotus sits Brahma. Vishnu tells Brahma to create the world, which was to last 432,000 years.


lotus flower meaning vishnu lotus flower meaning ganesh lotus flower meaning lakshmi

The meaning of the pink lotus flower has special significance in Hindu culture, as the images above with Vishnu, Ganesh, and Lakshmi show.

They are each standing upon a pink lotus blossom. In the Hindu belief system, the pink coloration is the highest color, and is only awarded to the gods and goddesses that have achieved top standing.


lotus flower meaning 3

In Hinduism lotus flower mythology states that within each person is the spirit of a sacred lotus.

The Bhagavad Gita speaks of the need to strive to be like the lotus blossom, pure of heart so that the muck of earthly matters do not cling to us. It is further mentioned that the atman (the soul) dwells within a lotus flower that is found within the heart (a reference to the heart chakra.

References to the lotus flower symbol are also found in the tradition of hatha yoga, which features sitting in the "lotus position" during meditation as a central core of its practice.

The lotus is also a symbol of the centers of consciousness within the body (the chakra centers). The highest chakra, known as the crown chakra or sahasrara chakra, is referred to as a thousand petaled lotus flower.

The ultimate lotus flower meaning in the Hindu belief system is that the lotus flower symbol represents awakening to the spiritual reality of life. The opening of a lotus flower represents rising from primal thought and base energies to highest spiritual consciousness. This meaning reflects closely with the Buddhist lotus flower meanings as well, where they refer to it as enlightenment.


lotus flower meaning 2

A visualization practice using the lotus flower symbol involves bringing your attention to your root chakra, located at the base of your spine.

Imagine a seed there. Proceed to imagine a stalk growing upwards through the chakra line, root-sacral-solar-heart-throat-third eye-crown.

Upon reaching the crown chakra, located approximately 2 inches above your head, imagine the lotus flower opening and receiving the Sun's energy from above.

This energy comes into the lotus, down the stalk, and then roots into the Earth.

Allow five minutes to complete this guided visualization. Afterwards you should feel connected to the earth below and spirit above.

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