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A Libra Woman in Love can be an over-analyzer and a relationship-hopper. Do you know what it takes to get this girl out of her head and into her heart? Read on to discover what makes a Libra woman stick around....

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libra woman in love

The Libra woman is an intelligent socially savvy woman with a natural charm and grace that draws people to her. As the sign of fairness, equality and justice, she seeks to create beauty and perfection in her romantic encounters. Nevertheless, when it comes to matters of the heart, she is emotionally innocent, impressionable and tends to over analyze situations. Ironically, she can get emotionally caught up in her mental picture of how things ought to be.

When this happens, she is often out of touch with the feeling realm and her innermost emotions. Her mind becomes wrought with worry and fear over the future. This can cause her to feel with her head instead of her heart.


The Libra woman in love is likely to marry more than once in her younger years because she often won't know when a man is right for her and choose the wrong partners. She may subconsciously seek out relationships because of her fear to be alone.

There is a strong tendency for codependency as she looks to another to make her feel complete. This weak sense of the Self has to be counteracted by working on her self-love and self-esteem first before she can hope to establish any successful relationship with anyone else.

Instead of holding onto relationships that are not working out just for the sake of having someone there, she is better off letting go of inappropriate partners when she immediately senses it using her own judgment. She must learn to come to terms with the truth - that relationship-hopping will eventually wear her out in body, mind and soul, which is hardly worth it in the long run.

To catch the eye of a Libra woman, you're going to need a solid plan, because sure enough, she's got a solid plan of where her life is going. It's your job to convince her that you should be included in that future vision. As an air sign, most of her decisions are based on what she thinks instead of what she feels. You need to get her guard down long enough for her to realize it's safe to trust her emotions! She'll also want a fully detailed schematic of what life will be like if she chooses you. Help her understand that you can be a solid provider, a dear friend, and a devoted lover and you'll be on your way to winning her for good.


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