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A Libra Man in Love is an old-fashioned romantic, but he has his quirks. This sign is ruled by balance and flees at the first sign of a lover's spat. Do you know how to tame this air sign long enough to catch his heart? Read on to discover the secrets of what makes a Libra man stick around....

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libra man in love

The Libra man in love is a charming, eloquent, witty individual who enjoys all the old-fashioned ways of fine wining and dining. Much like his female counterpart, he is a romantic who has a tendency to think out his feelings. He relies on reason, not intuition or compassion to sort out complexities and loathes discord, crudeness and disharmony of any kind. Overly emotional scenes can send him fleeing to the nearest exit as well. Naturally gravitating towards partnerships of all kinds, especially romantic ones, he needs a relationship at all costs for security purposes. Nevertheless, he is prone to infatuations and the 'love at first sight' type of attractions.


When the Libra mans emotions are cut off from his choices, he can be cold and prone to self-pitying tendencies. When he chooses to operate from the viewpoint of his mental senses only, he can become out of balance and alone, emotionally and physically cut off from others. The challenge for him therefore is to wake up to his own actions and take a good look at reality. If he is merely sustaining the apparent peace and harmony in relationships for the sake of remaining in the relationship, sooner or later the bubble of fantasy will burst. When he becomes fully aware of his emotions and brings them into balance he will learn to find a partner that fulfills him rather than staying in a relationship simply to have a partnership.

To catch the eye of your Libra, remember the importance of balance for this sign. Ruled by the scales, balance in all aspects of his life are incredibly important to him. You can foster this balance by showing him trust, honesty in communication and loyalty as a friend. When he sees these traits, you're sure to catch his eye. Also, keep any disputes between the two of you extremely civil. Emotional outbursts and dramatic fights are like a poison for Libra signs. They'll flee the scene as soon as possible, sometimes for good! Once you've caught your Libra man, he's inclined to stick around. Libras aren't known for relationship hopping. They prefer to find a mate and settle down. Your job will be to keep him sharing with you emotionally, or the relationship can fizzle into a series of quiet nights.


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