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A Libra and Virgo compatibility match is an excellent pairing. Find out how this Earth sign and Air sign work with each other in long term relationships.

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These two lovers share a desire for perfection and thrive in an environment where there is order, balance and harmony. In this, Libra and Virgo astrology compatibility is quite solid and balanced.

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Virgo will be attracted to Libra's discriminating tastes, elegance, diplomacy, and depthful conversations.

In turn, Libra will be attracted to Virgo's strong sense of direction, straight-forward approach, and focus on the practical side of life.

The difference between them is that Libra attaches more importance to creating harmony in interpersonal relationships, whereas Virgo attaches more importance to order in daily routine, health and work related issues.

Another positive aspect for these two lovers is their desire to put in a serious committment into their relationship. Libra is a relationship-oriented sign who doesn't feel right without a mate in their life. They are often willing to accommodate their partner's wishes by making necessary adjustments. This is complementary to the personality of Virgo, who also puts in extra time and effort into relationships.


Nevertheless, there are some vast differences in the way these two individuals make decisions. While Virgo is extremely decisive and usually makes up his or her mind in an instant, Libra is prone to indecisiveness and procrastination tendencies, which tends to affect the decision-making process.

Together they can work through this, but in the beginning it may be a source of frustration as the Virgo lover may feel held back from forward movement while Libra may feel rushed into big decisions.

Because both have a perfectionist streak in them, they may also have unrealistic expectations in their relationships. This difference can bring up some challenges for long term stability with Virgo and Libra astrology compatibility. Together they should have frank discussions about their relationship from the start, to keep misunderstandings from developing.

If there are overlapping influences from each other's signs which are next to each other, it may be easier for these two to navigate through the beginning of a relationship. Once they've been together for a while and have learned each other's quirks, it will be smooth sailing on the sea of love for these two zodiac signs.


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