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A Libra and Scorpio compatibility match can be challenging as the heart and mind find a way to co-exist for this pair. Find out how this lofty Air sign and emotional Water sign relate in romantic relationships.

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When Scorpio and Libra come together, they might have to work harder than most to transcend the innate differences that exist in their personalities.

Libra is an outgoing, communicative Air sign that thrives on balance, harmony and socializing. Libras relate to the world through their intellect, with most of their decisions in life coming from logic and reason.

Scorpio is a sensual water sign who oozes charisma. Scorpios relate to everyone and everything through their heart, emotions rule the day for them.

While they are both very social, it manifests differently for these two signs. Libra is light-hearted and ready to engage the next person they meet in a lively conversation. Scorpio on the other hand, has a tendency to want to delve deeply into their relationships with others, and has a tendency to have a few close friends, of the life-long variety, rather than a full address book of acquaintances.


There are other differences for these two as well. Both need a little space in a relationship, and neither is clingy, which works well for them as a couple. Problems arise in the type of space they prefer.

Libras can be emotionally aloof, since all of their actions are focused on balance they can be very "head oriented". Libra will prefer to keep their emotions mostly private sharing their ideas with others instead.

Scorpios prefer a little room, meaning they don't do well with emotionally needy signs, however, they practically require a deep emotional connection with any partner.

Scorpio may feel their balanced partner is too reserved emotionally, and never feel the relationship moves to "the next level". In turn, Libra is likely to be uncomfortable with the intensity of the connection that their Scorpio mate wants, pulling back emotionally even further.

This can lead to the arising of another common Scorpio trait, jealousy.


Scorpios can be slow to trust, and above all things want to be assured that their partner is completely and totally committed to them. Libra's reserved distance can stoke the flames of a Scorpion jealous streak as Scorpio wonders why their partner is so aloof. They could have fears about their Libra's fidelity based on the emotional distance between them.

If this intensity arises, Libra is likely to react poorly, feeling that the balance and harmony of their partnership is failing.

Compatibility for Scorpio and Libra is likely to be challenged in this aspect.


Essentially, these two are coming from very different places.

Libra's lofty intellectualizing of situations will be at odds with Scorpio's emotionally based decisions. Neither are likely to understand the needs or demands fo their partner. While friendship can work well for Libra and Scorpio compatibility, when the heart is involved things often start to fall apart.

The basics of communicating and relating to one another is likely to be a big issue between them, and that's a hard thing to get past. Unless there are more harmonious influences from each other's chart to ease the inherent differences that exist this zodiac love match has limited chance for success.


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