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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Libra and Pisces compatibility match can be suprisingly fulfilling. Find out how this Air sign and Water sign can have a mutually beneficial relationship.

libra compatibility astrology compatibility pisces compatibility


Even though these two signs form an awkward aspect on the zodiac wheel, there can be a surprisingly high level of attraction between them. Expect sparks to fly from the start for these two lovers. They're likely to spot each other from across the room and make a beeline towards one another.

Both their ruling planets Venus and Neptune combine well to make this a fairly harmonious union.

Both are idealistic, romantic and creative individuals who seem to possess the same unrealistic expectations of what they need from a relationship and are always looking for the 'perfect mate'. This inner drive for true love can be the key to Pisces and Libra compatibility.

Sharing some similarities in temperament make this the most highly compatible pairing of the Air and Water elemental family as both also crave harmony and peace in their interactions. Nevertheless, they also possess vastly different personalities, especially when it comes to expressing emotions.


Pisces is essentially a highly sensitive sign who might appear too needy and emotional for the emotionally cool and detached Libra, who needs space and freedom to navigate in social interactions. This difference is one aspect of the relationship that must be worked through for long term compatibility for Libra and Pisces.

Of the two, Pisces is more prone to escapist, self-delusional tendencies and is likely to be constantly making adjustments and compromises for the Libra mate. It would certainly be a bonus if there are more harmonious influences from each other's chart to offset the basic incompatibility in temperament between the 'feeler' and 'thinker' signs.


These two lovers can make it work if they can come to an understanding of each other's needs. Pisces needs to feel that their mate is deeply connected to them, so if their Libran can learn to share a little bit of their feelings it will help the love match.

In turn, Libra needs lots of socializing, philosophising and freedom to connect with many people (platonically), so if their Piscean lover can learn to provide just a bit of space in the relationship it will help out.

Together these two have a decent chance at making a connection for life with one another, but there are those emotional roadblocks to get past first...

For a Pisces Libra love match, expect to spend a little effort for long lasting love.


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