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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Libra and Capricorn compatibility match has its share of differences. Find out how this intellectual Air sign and practical Earth sign get along in the long run.

libra compatibility astrology compatibility capricorn compatibility


The initial attraction between these two signs is likely to be more reserved, as both come from very logical stances, but if they do manage to catch each other's eye, here's what to expect from the relationship.

These two zodiac signs have very different ways of viewing the world even though they both approach life through logic and analysis. They form a challenging aspect on the zodiac wheel, meaning they will have to put in more effort than most couples to overcome the differences that inherently exist in their personalities. Astrology compatibility for Capricorn and Libra indicates they are going to have to work to be successful in matters of the heart.

Libra, the scales of the zodiac, bring balance and harmony into the situations around them. They are logical and analytical, but also compassionate, social, and idealistic.

For a Libra, an ideal evening could be one spent having long and stimulating conversations with a close group of friends.

Capricorn the goat is responsible, traditional, pragmatic, and down to earth. Capricorns are less gregarious than Libras and prefer routine and solid goals in their life.

For Capricorn, a sign known for it's desire to succeed in life, an ideal evening could be one spent working late at the office in search of the next promotion.


Libra is essentially a communicative sign that prefers a constant dose of social interaction. Capricorns are typically much more reserved, preferring to keep their words to a minimum, especially when they don't know people well yet.

This difference makes it unlikely that the two would start up a relationship in the first place, and if they do, it can become a big issue for them as their dating progresses.

Practical Capricorn won't see the need to spend as much time communicating their intentions as their partnering Libra. Tensions have a strong potential for arising as Libra could feel their mate is too reserved and Capricorn could feel their lover has a tendency to keep talking when there is no need.


Another issue that arises for Capricorn and Libra are their differences in decision making.

The goat uses logic to come to a decision and then charges forward in that direction, bringing their goals into reality. Libra has a weakness in this area and has a tendency towards indecision. Libra can spend weeks, months, sometimes even years contemplating all of the aspects of a decision, vacillating between two outcomes over and over again.

This indecision can frustrate a straight-forward Capricorn, especially when the decision affects both of them as a couple. Libra in turn can feel insecure when their mate wants to "rush a decision", even if it's been many months in the think tank already.


There are a few aspects that Libra and Capricorn have in common that could help this relationship work. Since both are so "mind oriented" neither will have strong emotional outbursts. Their interactions will be based much more on logic and rational discussions.

Also, both signs have a tendency towards preferring traditional arrangements, and marriage is often a goal for both signs. This traditional outlook could help these two overcome some of their other issues, as both sincerely want to be in a serious long-term relationship.

The biggest issue these two face really is that Capricorn is often a private and reserved individual, who may appear too detached and unemotional for the outgoing, sociable Libra. What both need to do in this pairing is to develop tons of mutual respect, patience and understanding if they want to make this libra and capricorn compatibility love match work.

It helps if there are more compatible, harmonious influences from each other's chart to offset the inherent difficulties in their personalities.


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