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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Libra and Aquarius compatibility match can be mentally stimulating and successful. Read further to see how these two air signs fare in matters of the heart.

libra compatibility astrology compatibility aquarius compatibility


Coming from the same elemental family, these two Air signs gravitate towards each other based on a mental rapport and love of stimulating conversations.

Because both signs tend to relate to others through the mind instead of the heart, their connection will be based more on a mental connection rather than deep instinctive feelings. For these two air signs, it can be a meeting of the minds that turns these lovers into a very effective Aquarius and Libra compatibility match.

There will be no lack of empathy for each other as channels for communication are kept widely open. The good thing about this pairing is that they are likely to make great friends as well as lovers because both are sociable, communicative people who share a passion for long conversations and exploration of ideas.

Expect the relationship to develop with long conversations into the night, before any physical intimacy occurs.

Aquarius will be drawn to Libra's harmonious and balanced nature and Libra in turn will be attracted to the fun, quirky nature of an Aquarian.


Libra prefers to settle down when they find the right person, and marriage could be on the horizon for these two astrological signs. Aquarius will take some more time coming to any long-term decisions, and when they do, it is likely a decision that will come after much thoughtful consideration.

Although both are likely to give each other room and space to maneuver in a marriage, Libra probably has a greater sense of commitment in the relationship. The balance-oriented Libra may need to learn some patience, as they wait for their Aquarian to commit for good.

Between the two, Aquarius is likely to be more emotionally aloof and detached with a tendency to beat their own drum. This unconventional leaning can take a Libra by surprise, who is accustomed to being the peacemaker and "balancer" in situations.

Their Aquarian lover will be more willing to throw social conventions out the window and it can take Libra some time to come to turns with these eccentric traits. Although this aspect of an aquarian personality can present a challenge for the zodiac match, Libra and Aquarius compatibility indicate that they will be able to work around this.

All in all, both Aquarius and Libra love socializing, engaging in stimulating conversations, and focusing on higher ideals. Together they can go far, and enjoy the road along the way. Apart from the few minor issues mentioned above, both have what it takes to make it for the long haul.


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