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let your intuition guide you on your healing path

by Huru

Let Your Intuition Guide you on your Healing Path

Those are the important messages from SPIRIT, the universe, spirit guides, divine guidance, GOD, however you prefer to call it. They are the little nudges pointing out the right direction.

If you listen to those little nudges, you're already ahead of so many of us. The wisdom in those intuitive thoughts will guide you to the right form of energy healing... and more than that, they can guide you to a life better than you've allowed yourself to dream of.

Everything is energy. In consciously creating, first there is thought, a subtle vibration that is weakly concentrated, further strengthened by the image or visualization.

The more the concentration/visualization is adhered to, the stronger and denser the vibrating energy becomes. The final step of FEELING the wanted result, and resting in the KNOWING and ACCEPTANCE of the desired outcome, results in the eventual physical manifestation. Complimentary ways to reinforce the desire, and feed the vibration if you will, is to say affirmations, write the desire down, and symbolize the idea within geometric shapes, animals, flowers etc.

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