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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Virgo compatibility match can be rough, in fact it is one of the least favorable zodiac love matches. Find out more information about how this Fire sign and Earth sign fare in romance.

leo compatibility astrology compatibility virgo compatibility


Leo and Virgo have equally strong needs but these two come from such different perspectives that it might be wiser to understand where each other is coming from before launching into a serious relationship.

Earth and Fire is generally a difficult combination and it is no exception with these two. Earth has a tendency to dampen fire and fire disturbs earth's stability.


One of the biggest issues these two face is Virgo's need for perfection and Leo's need for praise. The two traits are in sharp contrast for these two lovers.

Virgo, a traditional and down to earth, pragmatic sign has a tendency to nit-pick and criticize when they dislike the way someone is doing something.

This critical tendency is likely to dampen Leo's flamboyant fiery spirits and put out the flames of enthusiasm. Even more, Leo thrives on admiration, adoration and praise. They don't take criticism well and will likely feel more and more resentful of their mate constantly finding fault with their actions.

There are other differences in this love match as well.

Both their temperaments are sharply in contrast. Leo is exuberant, dramatic, attention-seeking and flamboyant whereas Virgo is basically pragmatic, methodical and down to earth. Earth's dampening effect can make a Virgo and Leo compatibility match hard to maintain for any length of time.


What Leo needs is a warm and optimistic, self-confident partner who will be emotionally expressive, sensual and light-hearted.

What Virgo needs is a sign oriented towards stability, tradition, material goals, success, and down to earth practical values.

This match offers none of these traits to each partner. Leo is more interested in having a large social life, with family, friends and generosity coming before any focus on career and success. Virgo is more interested in maintaining stability, careers and routine. Virgo is conservative while Leo is flamboyant. Leo is spontaneous while Virgo prefers routine.

The differences in this zodiac love match are hard to overlook.

Although the two may be drawn to each other initially, long-term success for this astrology compatibility match is extremely low.

Unless more harmonious influence is found in each other's chart, these two are well advised to stay out of each other's path when it comes to matters of the heart.


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