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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Scorpio compatibility match can be difficult, especially in the beginning, but the road smooths out over time. Read further to find out how this fire sign and water sign fare in the long run.

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Scorpio and Leo make a passionate, fiery and intense pairing, especially since Mars is a co-ruling planet of Scorpio. Forming a hard aspect on the zodiac wheel means that they both have vastly different ways of living and viewing life.

Expect a lot of sizzle when these two meet. Leo will be drawn to Scorpio's sensuality. Scorpio will be drawn to Leo's strong personality and charisma. There can be a lot of fireworks for these two in the beginning of a relationship.


They share many similar characteristics, both good and bad. They both are charismatic, sensual, social, and emotionally expressive. On the flip side both can have control issues, jealousy issues and a tendency to want to dominate a relationship.

Oftentimes in zodiac compatibility, having so much in common would benefit a pairing. In this situation though, it can go either way.

Both are fixed stubborn signs and neither is likely to give in easily or readily to the other. Leo and Scorpio compatibility can be challenged in this battle of wills, especially in the beginning. Compromise can be an issue for these two lovers.


Both live their lives based from their heart center rather than through the mind, so there is a chance for two committed Scorpio Leo lovers to turn this compatibility match around.

Leo is open, vocal and demonstrative of their feelings towards a lover, which Scorpio will appreciate. Scorpio in turn is slightly more quiet about their intense emotions towards another, preferring to express themselves in the bedroom. Together, they can connect well on an emotional level, and the fireworks are likely to fly as both are very physically expressive of their love.

The jealousy issues can work in this partnership's favor as well. Since both demand committment and loyalty from a partner, neither is likely to stray, or even have their eyes wander in other directions.

This means that both partners will have little to fear when it comes to this innate issue of trust in a relationship. With less fear on this front, the controlling energies could diminish as both learn to have trust and confidence in each other.

It will take time though, for this to occur. Expect a match between these two start off with fireworks and sexual chemistry, devolve into a long rocky stretch as they explore dominance and trust issues, and then if it lasts this long, settle into a nurturing and loving long-term relationship.

Unless there are more harmonious, easy-going influence from each other's chart, this could be a rough ride for both in the beginning. If they manage to make it through the hurdles, and learn to compromise with each other, life can settle down into a comfortable, expressive and loving match.


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