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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Sagittarius compatibility match can be fun and fulfilling, with lots of sparks between these two fire signs. Find out why an astrology compatibility match works out so well for these two.

leo compatibility astrology compatibility sagittarius compatibility


When fire and fire get together, sparks can ignite into flames....

Sagittarius and leo have a lot in common, and it's not unusual for these two to "click" when they first meet. Being ruled by the Sun and Jupiter, both Leo and Sagittarius know all about living life to the fullest.

They crave excitement, challenges and new adventures. Both approach life with enthusiasm and zest, infecting those around them with their fiery, dynamic energies.

Together they can lead each other in exciting new directions.

Of the two, Leo is more grounded and will help to keep the Sagittarian's well known impulsiveness in check. These powerful and dynamic energies can work well for Sagittarius and Leo compatibility leading to long-term success in their relationship together.


Any zodiac love match can face some challenges, and these two have a few to overcome before it will be everlasting love.

Leo can have a tendency towards jealousy and needs a partner they can trust completely. Sagittarius on the other hand, values their independence and personal freedom tremendously, and may feel stifled by their Leo mate's lack of trust.

There's also a little matter of competition. Leo wants to be in the spotlight, surrounded by admirers. Sagittarius, with a strong and energetic personality, won't be content to play second fiddle. This can ignite a highly competitive streak between the two and the relationship runs the risk of devolving into a "one-up festival".

This, however, is one of the only challenges in compatibility for Leo and Sagittarius.


Overall, these two understand each other's true core essence better than any other zodiac combinations for the two, and have a strong potential to make this last for the long haul.

If Sagittarius can let their Leo know how committed they are to the relationship, and Leo can learn to share the spotlight, these two could be adventuring together for the rest of their lives...


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