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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Pisces compatibility match can be difficult as far as communication goes. Find out how this Fire sign and Water sign fare in the long run.

leo compatibility astrology compatibility pisces compatibility


These two can have a strong initial attraction to one another, but often the flames of interest aren't enough to sustain a long-term relationship for them.

Pisces is likely to be drawn to the generous and charismatic nature of Leo. In turn Leo, who likes to be in the spotlight, will be flattered by the attention that Pisces offers.

They are both highly romantic signs, which is another reason that interest can develop for them in the beginning. Expect a dramatic courtship between these two zodiac signs.

Things can take a u-turn once they settle down into a relationship together. They both have very different perspectives on life that can get in the way of long-term love.


Leo is generous, sharing and charismatic. The Lion prefers a life filled with lots of close friends, family, and social gatherings. They are a "tribe-oriented" sign. The bigger the tribe the better! It's not uncommon for someone to meet a Leo and know they've made a friend for life.

Pisces is an idealist who ponders life. A Piscean can spend a day contemplating a situation, completely oblivious to what is going on around them in the present moment. They value closeness in a relationship and want to be with their partner, but they don't need (or often want) such a large social life with constant gatherings of people.

Pisces is also extremely sensitive, and may feel that when their Leo is "entertaining" they're forgotten. Pisceans have a tendency towards clinging onto their partners, and this may not work well for this match.

Leo will like the attention that their Pisces offers, and won't mind the tendency towards neediness, because it all boils down to more attention for them. But they might not be able to offer their Piscean enough when they have a gaggle of others to tend to as well.


There's another issue that can arise for a Leo and Pisces love match. It has to do with the Lion's propensity towards jealousy and trust issues.

Pisces has a tendency to need some space. It's a contradiction between clinging and space, but it's there nonetheless. When Pisces is focused on the present, they want their partner there as close as possible, but when they're feeling moody they'll have a tendency to drift off into their thoughts, and can be miles away even if they are only feet apart from their lover.

This can rub Leo the wrong way, as Leo often has issues with jealousy. Leo may wonder what (or who) their lover is thinking about and it can set up trust issues. Leo will feel when their Piscean has drifted off and it can make them incredibly uncomfortable.


These two can work, but it's not an ideal astrology compatibility match for either of them. Sensitive Pisces can feel neglected and jealous Leo can feel abandoned, even while the two are sitting next to one another.

To make compatibility for Pisces and Leo work, both partners will need to spend some time really getting to know each other. In time Leo can learn to have trust in their Piscean partner, and know that just because they're daydreaming doesn't mean their daydreaming about someone else. In turn, Pisces can learn that their Lion still loves them, even when they're standing in the middle of a party telling yet another story or joke.

Compatibility for Leo and Pisces is possible. If they can find more common ground in the form of other harmonious, soft-flowing influences from each other's chart, they can have a soulfull, emotionally charged love with one another.


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