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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Libra compatibility match can be highly rewarding for both lovers. Find out how this Fire sign and Air sign fare in the long run.

leo compatibility astrology compatibility libra compatibility


With a keen eye for the aesthetics in life like beauty and glamour, these two signs could possibly catch each other's eyes at first glance. Since they both stand out in a crowd, it will be difficult for them not to be drawn to each other's magnetic and alluring personalities.

Libra will be drawn to the Lion's magnetic personality and charisma while Leo will be intruiged by Libra's sophistication.

Both have a strong social connection and enjoy involving other people in their lives. They also have a strong creative streak and will come to appreciate and admire each other's talents. These two related traits speak well for long term success with Libra and Leo compatibility. The Lion's creativity and artistic flare and Libra's romantic, idealistic nature will ignite passion in this union.


Leo is the more dramatic and gregarious of the two and won't hesitate to put his/her mate on a pedestal, which will suit the Libra partner just fine. Libra on the other will not hesitate to stroke Leo's ego and satisfy their need for admiration and adoration.

Libra, being very faithful and committed, isn't likely to arouse the jealous tendencies that Leo's are known for, so the Lion will feel secure that their partner won't wander.

In turn Leo will provide Libra with excitement, stimulation and passion.

The end result is that astrology compatibility for Libra and Leo is typically excellent. These two individuals have a mutual understanding of what is needed to create a harmonious, long-lasting union. Both the Sun and Venus, respective ruling planets of Leo and Libra, combine their energies harmoniously in a win-win situation that can lead to a lifetime love.


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