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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Leo compatibility match can be exhilirating and spicy. Find out how these two fire signs fare in matters of the heart, the bedroom, and in long-term relationships.

leo compatibility astrology compatibility leo compatibility


When these two Fire signs come together it can often erupt into a bonfire of chemistry. Both Leos will often gravitate towards each other initially because of the strength, glamour and charm exuded by the other.

Oftentimes in Leo and Leo compatibility, this initial attraction will be a strong indication of how the relationship will endure. If the sparks are strong enough, they'll find a way to stay together no matter what!


Their fire is naturally ignited when they get together in a relationship. Each has a flair for the dramatic in life and romance to them is vital. They want someone who they can proudly flaunt in front of others and another Leo is the perfect choice.

Both are passionate, idealistic and generous individuals who possess a creative streak. In this union, they are likely to spoil each other with their generosity; lavishing love, attention and gifts on each other.


Every relationship has a few issues though, and all is not perfect for these adoring lovers.

Leo's love attention...

The only thing they love more is being the "center" of attention. And as the laws of physics prove, there's only so much room in the limelight.

Because both are both Sun-ruled natives who need their fair share of adoring admirers, it can lead to power struggles in the relationship when each tries to outshine the other. Compatibility for Leo and Leo match is challenged in this area.

The partnership has so many potential strengths that this issue can be worked through. And oftentimes, both people involved in a leo love match will want to, because they have so many traits in common.

There's a love of social gatherings, emotional sharing, generosity, and excitement. Together they can provide all of these things for each other.

These two fixed zodiac signs are loyal and respectful towards each other and if they can learn to share the limelight, this could be an incredible, long-lasting leo match. There will be no problems knowing where they stand in their relationship and the emotional connection can lead to excellent sexual chemistry between them.


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