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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Capricorn compatibility match faces some challenges. Read further to find out how this fire sign and earth sign fare in relationships.

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Both Capricorn and Leo are highly ambitious individuals with a strong determination to make their mark in the material world. Although both crave recognition, the ways they go about achieving their goals couldn't be more different.

This can lead to difficulties in a long-term relationship for the two zodiac signs.

Respect for each other's work ethic is far more likely to bind them in a business arrangement rather than romantic sense. This type of working relationship is worth further exploration, because the compatibility for Capricorn and Leo shows excellent promise in business dealings. As far as love goes though, their personalities are vastly different.


Leo embodies the spirit of fun, excitement and adventure. The Lion needs approval and loves to be surrounded by admirers. For Leo an ideal situation is one where they are surrounded by loved ones and friends, with lots of new experiences and social events.

On the other hand, pragmatic Capricorn is often uncomfortable showing expressions of love, and prefers to relate to people through their intellect rather than their emotions. Capricorn's serious approach to life can dampen Leo's fiery enthusiasm.

Moreover, the Goat is usually more focused on climbing up the ladder to the pinnacle of success rather than hosting the next party, which is often the Lion's goal.


The Lion essentially gains self-confidence and security by living life to the fullest with a large circle of close friends and family, whereas Capricorn gains confidence and self-assurance through mastering the material realm and financial gains. While these differences can be worked through, it can be a challenge for Capricorn and Leo compatibility.

Their drastically different approaches to life are likely to hinder an emotionally tight bond from manifesting. Leo is much more gregarious and outgoing by nature, compared to the Capricorn mate who often rejects anything he considers unneccessary to getting ahead.

Coupled with their different ways of communicating and relating (one from the heart and one from the mind) it can be a rocky path to love.

Unless there are more harmonious influences from each other's chart, this remains a challenging astrological compatibility pairing in the long run.


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