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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Leo and Aquarius love match can be fulfilling, spontaneous and exciting. Find out how this Fire sign and Air sign fare in the long run.

leo compatibility astrology compatibility aquarius compatibility


Being opposites on the zodiac wheel implies that there is a natural attraction between these two signs. Sparks are likely to ignite when these two meet.

Aquarius is likely to be attracted to Leo's strong charisma and charm and in turn Leo will be drawn to the Aquarian's strength and aura of mystery.


These two zodiac signs do well together because of the similarities they share. Both of them have an air of flamboyancy and generally navigate well in society.

Being fixed signs who know what they want, they are likely to feel admiration and respect for each other's capabilities and pursuits in life. Of the two, Leo gravitates more towards the dramatic in life whereas Aquarius possess a more humanitarian streak. The tendencies work well for compatibility between Leo and Aquarius.

The adventurous Lion is likely to be attracted to the intellectual capabilities of Aquarius and the spontaneous, unexpected excitement that the Water Bearer dishes out regularly.


Leo's are known for needing the spotlight. They like to be surrounded by admirers. With other zodiac love matches, this trait can cause rifts, especially if the other sign is prone to jealousy or neediness.

With an Aquarius Leo love match though, this trait of Leo's causes no issues.

Aquarius is unlikely to become jealous or possessive of the attention that Leo generates. Aquarius, who craves a bit of freedom and independence, even in a committed relationship, won't mind if Leo seeks some attention from others. In fact, the Aquarian will be relieved that they can have their space and a relationship too.

Both signs are very aware of what they want in a relationship, and they are not likely to beat about the bush but come straight up front about their needs. This means that communication can be easy and smooth for this couple with minimal game playing and guessing involved. This is another good tendency in Aquarius and Leo compatibility.


The only downfall for this pair is in the emotional realm. Leo's are very affectionate and enjoy having a close, sensual relationship with their lover. Aquarius can enjoy the attention, but they are more likely to be reserved about their emotions, and this can leave Leo feeling unloved at times.

All in all, this is a very minor issue for the couple, and can easily be worked through.

If Leo can give their Aquarius love the space they need, and Aquarius can be a bit more demonstrative in showing affections than usual, these two lovers will be sure to create a fun-filled spontaneous life together.

This astrology compatibility match is one of the best possible for both signs.


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