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Learn energy healing with this beginner's guide for healers.

So you want to learn to work with healing energy. Maybe you've always been interested, maybe you're facing a health crisis, or maybe you just want to find out more about it. I've created a step by step tutorial for beginners that will teach you the ins and outs of how to do energy healing.

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First things first. What the heck is it? Science 101. Pretend you're back in 10th grade, but science class will only take two paragraphs this time.

There are two things that construct the entire universe. Energy and matter. All things, including people, are made of matter (atoms and molecules). There's also this other thing that scientists spend a lot of time trying to figure out called "energy".

Albert Einstein, discovered that matter and energy are different forms of the same thing. Energy can be turned into matter and matter can be turned into energy. He called his theory E=mc2. You've probably heard of it! It means that all things, including people, are made of matter and energy.

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He also discovered that since the two, energy and matter, are interchangeable, that they also effect each other.

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This is how energy healing works. The healing energy effects matter in a positive way. It can come from a specific healing modality like Reiki, chakra therapy or sound healing to name a few common ones. Or it can come from something less structured like creative visualizations (very powerful), healing music, or even something very common, like a bubble bath.

Energy is not made the same. Some energy is good and some is bad. Examples of good energy are: A healing touch. A massage. A kiss from mom on a skinned knee. Reiki. Feeling supported by your loved ones. That sort of thing.

Examples of bad energy are: Stress in the workplace. A person demeaning you or belittling you. Being too busy. There's also environmental bad energy like pollution, emf waves from electrical appliances and power plants. Radiation.

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Good energy effects our "matter" in a good way. Bad energy effects our "matter" in a bad way. Sometimes, there is enough bad energy that some of it gets completely and totally stuck in our "matter" permanently. It makes us feel bad. We then need a lot of good energy to come along and unstick it. That's where energy healing steps in.

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