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Learn energy healing with this beginner's guide to healing.

This is part 2. If you want to start at the beginning, check out Learning Energy Healing Part 1.

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This bad energy accumulates over time, and gets more and more stuck inside of you. It can become so dense that the bad energy turns into matter. This is how disease often starts. Slowly over time an energetic blockage can become a physical blockage.

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The bad energy gets dense, making it harder for the good energy to get in. It's like if you've ever known a person who always seemed to have bad luck, and a cynical, down-trodden attitude to match. That's an example of bad energy being so stuck that good energy (good things) can't come into them (or their sphere of reality).

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Then over time as more bad energy gets stuck, your matter becomes denser and denser (vibrating at a lower level) because of all the stuck energy (bad energy). Your chakras get blocked. Energy stagnates. When energy stagnates disease, depression and lethargy can settle in.

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By learning energy healing, and doing it on a regular basis, you release that old, stuck bad energy and make room for the good energy to come in. You clear and balance your chakra system. You release old, negative emotions. You change your entire vibrational frequency.

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