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just a remarque !!! ;)


I am a spiritual massage therapist from Belgium and in a big evolving process for the moment , I am 38 !

I found this page " by accident" ? !! and I must say I am amazed by all the info I can find here ,amazed how gently and calm (but touching the right spots )you help people.

It's also my aim to help people for a living and I am already doing this in love and light with all my heart after hours and when I come to this page i am more and more inspired !!!!

Just wanna thank you for all your bright views and send you some reiki toooo!!!
keep up the good work

kind regards in love and light,

Hello Ann,

Thank you for the kind words. We do our best to answer all of the questions on energy healing that come into your site. We do this because... well, because we love it too! Just like you.

There has been no greater reward in our life than to know that we have helped a person take another step on their life path, find a sense of peace in their life, or helped a person understand that they can control their life's destiny, happiness, and joy.

You mention that you are a spiritual massage therapist. Combining spirituality and massage is such a powerful tool. Many people who do not understand how powerful energy healing can be stumble onto it through a gifted massage therapist that combines the energy healing arts with the massage arts.

Thank you for sharing this with your clients. It amplifies their healing experience by ten compared to a regular massage.

Many wishes for success in your business and on your life path, and many reiki blessings to you as well!

Tanja and Patrick

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