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Is Rose Quartz Just for Some Zodiac Signs?

Question: Does Rose Quartz work as an anxiety healer for people of all zodiac signs or is it zodiac specific?

Answer: Rose quartz is good for anxiety for everyone, regardless of a person's zodiac sign.

There are many crystals that are specifically associated with each of the astrology signs, however, just because a person can have an affinity for that crystal through the zodiac does not make it ineffective for others of different astrological signs.

For example, even though peridot is often associated as an astrology stone for the sign Leo, it does not mean peridot isn't effective for a Libra or Taurus as well.

My take on it is to always use stones that personally resonate with you. If you work with rose quartz for a while and it just "doesn't feel right" then there is another stone that it would be more beneficial for you to work with.

The stones you are attracted to will also change as you move through your life path.

As an example : At one time in my life, when I was a teen, I was extremely attracted to sodalite. I was working through some throat chakra issues at the time. I was very, very shy, reserved, and had a hard time communicating and sharing my feelings with others. I was doing great "inner work" but wasn't able to share with others.

Sodalite was perfect at that time and I had many sodalite pieces in my life. Now, I've passed them all along to others. I don't own a single piece of sodalite any longer, because the stone doesn't "resonate" with me any longer.

Allow yourself to intuit which stones are right for you at this stage in your life. Rose quartz in general, is excellent for anxiety, but it won't be right for everyone. If you're hesitant with rose quartz, try out lepidolite, amazonite, angelite, or kunzite as alternatives.


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