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Is it possible to lose Reiki Energy?

Question: I am 2nd degree however since last 3 months I feel Reiki energy is not flowing through me. I do not feel my hands warm; this is more evident especially when I try to heal myself. Is it possible that Reiki has stopped channeling through me? Please help.

Answer: There have probably been a lot of earthly issues (money, family, stability) that have become strong influences in the past few months that have grounded your energies a bit much. I would focus on opening your crown chakra to enhance your ability to connect to the Source.

Here is a link to a page on our website that will help you reconnect and balance your crown chakra:Crown Chakra

This experience you are having is a great opportunity for you to educate yourself more fully on Reiki. Spirit is bringing it into your focus in a way that gets your attention. Use this as a way of increasing your awareness of exactly why you use Reiki and how effective it really is.

Here's a link to an article that gives a few tips on improving Reiki flow. 5 Tips for Improving Reiki Flow

If you know any other people who do Reiki (or other forms of energy healing), connect with them. Ask them about how they use Reiki. Sharing reiki healing experiences is great for developing your appreciation for this blessing.

I also recommend listening to music designed to enhance the flow of energy in your body. You can listen to the chakra balancing video we have on our website: chakra balancing video. (scroll down a little on the page to find the video)

If you like it, consider buying either the CD or the downloadable MP3. Chakra Balancing CD and Mp3

We've gotten great feedback from folks who have used it to reduce anxiety, help with insomnia or improve overall energy.

I'll send Reiki energy healing your way. I wish you the best in resolving this issue with ease and comfort. Thanks for being an energy healer! You are helping to make the world a wonderful place to live.


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