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I was Skeptical of Reiki Healing Before I had my Attunements

by Chris Turner
(Grove City, Ohio)

When I first heard about the Reiki Healing Method, I have to admit, I was very skeptical. I had never heard of such a thing, and I just couldn't understand how energy work could be possible. Luckily for me a good friend of mine insisted that I try a Reiki session before I decided that it really didn't to work. So I agreed to have a practitioner work on me.

I had a old shoulder injury which still acted up every now and then so I thought that would be a good test of this "so-called-healing-energy". I went for my session and was immediately impressed by the Reiki Master that worked on me. She was so calm, and seemed practically tranquil. She got me settled on the massage table and started her work.

At first I thought I felt nothing. I was relaxed and enjoying the music but didn’t think anything was happening. Then I started to feel a little warmth from her hands. Pretty soon it was heat, and then it was vibrations. Finally it became a wave-like heat vibration that went through my body.

I became so relaxed that I forgot the time. When the session was done I noticed I felt very relaxed, and lighter somehow. I had no ache in my shoulder. Over the next few weeks I realized my shoulder problem had disappeared.

I was sold. I called the Reiki Master and made an appointment for level 1 Reiki training. I’m now a Reiki Master and have worked on hundreds of clients in the past nine years. I have seen amazing things happen for my clients and it always makes me thankful for the Reiki. I’m thankful everyday that my friend insisted that I look more closely at this "weird healing energy". I will never forget my first session, or my first teacher.

Having the Reiki energy to work with in my own life, and the lives of my close family has been a blessing. The income I have made from working on others with the Reiki energy has been a blessing as well, and I am very happy each time I have a new student.

The energy just grows and grows... and my shoulder is still fine, even after all these years.

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