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I know why sage is used in cleansing but why is sweet grass?

I know why sage is used in cleansing but why is sweet grass? Is it more powerful to use the 2 together? Thank you, Graziella

Hi Graziella, With the way you phrased your question, I'm not sure if you're referring just to cleansing crystals, or cleansing any situation, object, or place. I'll stick with talking about cleansing crystals since you haven't specified, but this information can also refer to cleansing situations, objects, people and places.

Sage is more commonly used, especially for cleansing. However sweet grass has the interesting property of bringing in a person's totem animals and animal guides. When using sweetgrass for cleansing, you call upon the wisdom of the animal world, and ask for their aid in balancing situations.

You can stick with the more traditional sage for cleaning crystals (and other objects) if you prefer, but consider trying out a combo of the two the next time you cleanse your stones or home.

To answer your second question, I wouldn't necessarily say it's more powerful to combine the two, it's... pleasant, and sometimes pleasant has a subtle energy that actually is more powerful, without really feeling that way at the time. It's hard to put into words. It's like having an energy healer who feels really subtle when they're working on you, and then the next day you realize you're vibrating five levels higher than usual!

Sweetgrass and sage feel like "Allies" to me. They work well together. Their energies are complementary and that synergy creates a subtle effect that then grows more powerful when you're not expecting it.

I first used sweetgrass for the purpose of cleansing crystals quite a few years back as an experiment and really liked the energy it imparted. Working with crystals and healing energies is all about experimenting and finding out what works best for you, usually by what "feels" right for you. I like using sweetgrass and sage together, although I don't always. It depends on how I'm feeling and what the crystals seem to want.

My most common method of cleaning crystals is definitely soaking them in a wooden bowl filled with water, left out for the sun and moon for several days and nights. Sage and sweetgrass are lovely too though!

Experiment. See what your crystals want, what feels right, and give it a try. Nothing really is so incredibly scientific when it comes to subtle vibrational energies. A lot of it is intuitive, what feels right for you. I don't like it when folks throw around absolutes and say, "Yes, sage and sweetgrass is a power combo for everyone." It doesn't allow for variations. Some people won't get the energies, or they'll align with something completely different. It really is all about experimentation.

Give it a try and see what you think!


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