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Holistic web-page marketing transformed our website from a lonely lost in cyberspace existence to a thriving internet business with over 25,000 visits a month. This is the fourth article in our Holistic Internet Marketing series. To start from the beginning check out the first article in the series, holistic internet marketing, which covers an intro to holistic web-page marketing strategies or check out our second article in the series, holistic website optimizing for a deep look into a holistic web-page marketing approach to keyword optimization. Or check out the third article, holistic web-page marketing : what not to do which can keep you from straying down lost paths to the netherworlds of the internet.

Or if you've already read the first three articles in the Holistic Internet Marketing series, let's get started here. It's our story of how we were lost in cyberspace and found our way to the hub of first page search engine results using holistic web-page marketing techniques...

Holistic Web-Page Marketing : The Beginning

holistic web-page marketing

If you're just tuning in for the article series you've missed our holistic web-page marketing tips articles and the sordid little story of our previous failed websites. It's interesting reading so you may want to start at the beginning. Either way, let's recap where we left off. In roughly six years we tried a free website approach, a service website approach, and last but not least we tried a shopping cart website approach.

The story ended off with our $42 a month webhosting habit and a six year website building adventure not showing anything in returns. No sales. No new clients. No search engine placement for our pages. And sporadic "downtime" issues where the webhosts would simply "be unavailable". This was all before we learned about holistic web-page marketing.

This is technically chapter 4 in our story. And it begins with a good friend of ours Mike Nardi. Mike knew we'd been trying to build up our websites and one day he brought up a webhost he'd been studying. It wasn't quite a webhost. It was more like an internet business program. It had tools to help with search engine rankings, an Action Guide to follow step-by-step that was like a mini college course about setting up a successful online website business, forums where we could go ask questions...

It sounded kind of cool. But man. It was 300 bucks to get started. Yeah, that covered a year of webhosting (which broke down to $25 a month, less than the $42 I was paying for my current two sites) but that upfront committment seemed like too much for me.

Besides, at this point in my website journey, I was feeling pretty burned. I mean, three websites over a span of around 6 years and the most success I'd been able to come up with was less than 10 visits a month?

I was feeling pretty skeptical about all webhosting companies at that point and didn't want to make another mistake (involving tons of work and no return).

From the time Mike mentioned it, it took me a full year and a half to make up my mind. Patrick was ready to jump on board, after all, it was our friend Mike telling us about it. He was a good guy who wouldn't want to lead us wrong. But I was dragging my heels. I was the one that had set up all of the previous websites after all, I'd be doing most of the work.

In the meantime I dropped our shopping cart website It just wasn't going anywhere. It was gorgeous, functional, easy to navigate... it was like a beautiful delicate jewel, but hey.. no sales. It was a jewel hidden in the darkness of cyberspace and no matter what I did it continued to hide out there in the netherworlds of the internet.

I was almost on the verge of pulling the plug on our last website,, as well. It seemed that everyone was right. There really was no way to make the internet work for small businesses. Not without a huge advertising budget anyways. (little did know that holistic web-page marketing techniques were all I needed)

And then... I finally decided to look at the webhost Mike kept mentioning. I'd spent a year and half refusing to even go to the website sales page to check it out but Patrick was gung-ho and Mike was practically frothing at the mouth about how amazing it was. I took a look at what the webhost was offering...

holistic web-page marketing

Hmmm. The first thing I noticed was a 100% uptime guarantee. That got my attention. Every other webhost I'd looked at said things like 97.6%, 98.5%, 99% uptime. I liked the idea of zero downtime, especially after running into downtime issues with current webhosts.

I also liked the fact that there were no bandwidth limits. Bandwidth limits means after a certain amount of page views per month, your website either is no longer viewable, or you have to upgrade to a more expensive webhosting package. (See I'd been doing some homework! I now knew about downtime, bandwidth and a few other website terms!)

No bandwidth limits meant I could make the website as big as I wanted to, and get as many visitors as I wanted to, and it wouldn't matter. My price wouldn't go up.

There was a 30 day money back guarantee so we finally decided to go for it. At least I could take a month exploring their system and see if I liked it. If I didn't I'd only be out a little bit of time not the 300 bucks! So we took the plunge...

Holistic Web-Page Marketing : The Turn Around

holistic web-page marketing

...and this is where our fairy tale did a complete turn-around.

All of the other webhosting packages we'd gone with in the past had been very "businessy". They had a few frequently asked questions pages and troubleshooting guides for when there were issues with the websites, but that was it. There'd been no help when I needed it.

Here there was a large forum community of people helping other people get started, an email help-line straight to the company that actually responded with "real help", enough tutorials to spend three months reading, and a guide to walk me through building my website every step of the way.

After we signed up we started reading the Action Guide. It was a crash-course education about everything we'd been doing wrong with our previous websites.

Along with technical details like keyword research, web page keyword optimization, and link building campaigns, it talked about concepts we'd never even considered. Things like "providing value for your visitors" and "over-delivering with free content" and "pre-selling your content instead of hitting folks with sales pitches". Everything was "win-win" and positive.

I had to take a step back. This was the complete opposite of everything I'd been reading from other marketing gurus. It sounded real and... valid! Who was this guy anyway? His name was everywhere and he was the founder of the company. Ken Evoy sounded like... well... a nice guy.

Holistic Web-Page Marketing isn't like Regular Marketing

holistic web-page marketing

I'd never been comfortable with standard advertising and marketing methods, but I'd resorted to them because "That's what you do to build a business." I'd always wanted a gentler approach that was more in alignment with my values, but at the time I didn't know about holistic web-page marketing.

What I read in the Action Guide made me rethink it all though. A website didn't have to be a marketing platform. It could be a place to share, to connect, to give... a community. As I sat there reading the philosophy of adding value and over-delivering I had my "aha moment".

We read a little further about our new webhosts philosophy.... Now, he wasn't using the term holistic web-page marketing, but the concepts he laid out were definitely holistic web-page marketing! It was about offering a full package to people. Offering lots and lots of free content. Articles, advice, how-to guides, videos, you name it. He recommended giving our website visitors a lot. In turn, this would give them a chance to get to know us, see how they felt about us, and then, if they wanted, potentially buy our product or sign up for one of our services. All holistic web-page marketing concepts.

After six years of struggling with websites that gave no returns, it was like the winds of harmony blowing in and clearing my mind. We decided to make the switch...

Time to Embrace Holistic Web-Page Marketing

holistic web-page marketing

We were impressed. We said goodbye to Geocities and our old website. It was time for something new, something fresh, something that "gave value" to our visitors. With a fresh holistic perspective we started building our new website, and that's how was born.

Using the free learning tools provided by our new host we studied keyword optimization strategies and building a blueprint of our site before we ever got started.

We also studied pre-selling and the art of providing compelling content to transform one-click visits into repeat visits.

Then we used tools provided by our host to create an entire blueprint of keyword-phrase pages that would make up our website. These phrases were actual terms people typed in instead of those random keywords we'd "guessed" at before. We knew before we wrote our first page how much demand there was and how much supply there was for each keyword!

Before we knew it we had our first page up, then another, and another, and another....

And then the most amazing thing happened. We started getting visitors. Yep. Real visitors. And a lot more than 10 a month.

And even better the new website was definitely getting us attention. Patrick booked more and more clients for his healing sessions after the website was up. He became an "instant expert" every time a local checked out our website. He was asked to speak at much larger engagements, even giving a whole weeklong workshop (8 hours a day for four days straight) at a conference that had international appeal.

It was working! We kept using the tools provided by our host and continued doing lots of reading of all those tutorial guides. And we kept adding pages all from our personal experiences with energy healing. This was when we discovered the concept of holistic web-page marketing. We realized that's what our webhost had been talking about! Only he called it something else.

Then we started getting visitors and healing requests from all around the world. People from all sorts of countries were stopping by our little old website on energy healing. Wow. It was a complete difference from the years I'd look at those traffic statistics and see less then ten visitors a month. People were finding us, connecting with what we'd written, sharing their own stories, sending in healing requests, and offering thank you emails to us.

It felt really good. We were no longer "marketing" and "advertising". We were "connecting" and "helping".

Holistic Web-Page Marketing is about Connections

holistic web-page marketing

...and then another amazing thing happened. We started making some money along the way. Woo-hoo!

It felt good all around. We'd followed the tips from our webhost about how to set up pay per click and affiliate programs in a way that works (for us and our visitors) and the results were starting to come in. Plus we had our CD for sale on the website. All around our website was paying the cost of the webhosting plus a nice amount of pocket change.

And there were all those new clients and customers to our local healing business. We were busy with healing events, healing sessions, work, and the website. We needed to restructure our lives a little bit. See, the more successful the website was, the more it brought in clients for Patrick, and the more I sold my jewelry locally. And that was without having a single promotional page about our local services or local products on the website. Just "casual mentions" here and there. We were using holistic web-page marketing techniques to create the website. It was enough to have us scrambling to keep up.

We pulled out our holistic business plan again. It was time for some changes. The website had succeeded at doing what we wanted it to do, promote our services and products on a local level. An off-shoot unexpected result was that folks from as far away as Singapore and Russia were tuning in to our website. Another unexpected result was that the website itself was bringing in income.

We'd set it up just to funnel interested clients and customers to our local business. Now it was producing money on its own through the pay per click and affiliate ad programs. All because of holistic web-page marketing.

Holistic Web-Page Marketing Took Us Further than We Imagined

holistic web-page marketing

There were lots of folks in our webhost forums who were making a full-time income from their websites. Their success, and their willingness to share the strategies that got them there were inspiring. We decided to dramatically shift not only our business model but our lives as well.

See these people weren't funneling customers and clients to a local business. Their websites were their business. It was a completely different approach than the one we were following and we liked the idea of it.

We wanted freedom. We were working hard on many things, going in many directions. It's the American way, right? Well, we were done. We yearned for the simplicity of a gentler life with more time for fun and for life itself.

To wax a little poetic, We wanted more time to bask in the light of our souls... to wander through the meadows contemplating share the gentle vibrations of love with like-minded folks.

So we made what felt like drastic changes at the time, following our intuition throughout the whole process. We decided to completely change our business model. The website would now be our business. It felt so right!

Holistic Web-Page Marketing Changed our Business Model

We donated all of our vending equipment and stopped doing the fairs, festivals, conferences and workshops. I closed my wholesale jewelry business accounts. We even got rid of the massage table and dropped the energy healing sessions.

It felt like a cloud of calmness drifting down from the heavens. The events had been time-consuming and Patrick always spent a ton of time preparing for his presentations. The jewelry was wonderful, but sometimes my wrists ached from doing all of the wire-wrapping. The sessions were the biggest thing to give up. Patrick had been doing them for years. It was what we'd worked towards for so long. But we had a new goal in income.

It represented no more commuting for healing events, no more time preparing presentations and doing concerts, no more hours spent making jewelry, and no more time marketing the local business.

Besides, the website was now making enough on its own to cover the cost of dropping all our local healing services and products thanks to holistic web-page marketing techniques!

Online income was our new mantra. It meant freedom to travel. Freedom to sleep in. Freedom to do whatever...whenever.

So we took the plunge, made the changes and haven't looked back since. It's our little fairy tale story! We promised you a happy ending and here it is. It's how we went from three failed websites to a successful internet business. It took us close to two years from that first "aha moment" but we did it!

We now get over 25,000 visits a month that translate into a positive monthly cash flow that makes us happy, happy, happy.... and it means we get to sleep in late if we want, skip a day of working on the website if we want, or heck, commute to work... at the beach! Our website has given us freedom...

In the two years since we started our website we have transformed the way we look at business, we have adopted a 100% holistic mindset to our approaches, we've connected with folks from around the world, and we've managed to make a handsome amount of money from our website, all thanks to the learning resources and tools that our webhost provides.

Holistic Web-Page Marketing Freed Us from Working for Others

holistic web-page marketing

We now feel free, and a big part of that is because we are no longer working full-time for someone else. Yep. Thanks to our website we have both retired from our full-time j-o-b's and are now working full-time on our internet business instead. Our little energy healing info site pays for itself, along with most of our monthly bills now.

And that's the true fairy tale ending...

It all came about by learning to view our business with a holistic mindset that created connections with our visitors, doing the roll-up-your-sleeves work to create the website, studying and applying holistic web-page marketing techniques and with a little nudge from our friend Mike pointing us in the right direction.

That nudge is really the key. Without it, we wouldn't have known how to transform a "website" into a "successful internet business". We wouldn't have had the tools to do it, or the knowledge of how to do it.

See, it all comes down to that webhost company Mike rabidly recommended for a year and a half. They operate with what I call old-fashioned values. Something you don't see in big business much anymore.

Ken Evoy practices what he preaches about "over-delivering". He overdelivered and gave us the tools and the education to start a successful internet business for just $300 and a lot of elbow grease. It was the best 300 bucks we ever spent.

We're not into big sales pitches (as you may have already heard), so what we say is this: If you want to build a website, build it with Site Build It (also known as SBI). It will save you years of frustration and spinning wheels. It worked for us and it can work for you too.

It's a big decision, and as I've already said, it took us over a year and a half to sign up. Bookmark this page now so you can come back to it after you've thought about it. We've got resources below where you can learn more about Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI, and about the SBI website business package in general.

If it feels right for you and you do end up signing up for it, we would appreciate it very much if you would come back to this page to place your order. We'll get a little commission that will keep us working on what we love the most, helping people through sharing energy healing information....

Check out a quick tour of what the Site Build It process is like or ask any questions on their Q and A hotline before you order, or if you're ready, place your order here.

If you really like to dig into things before committing. Site Build It offers their entire Action Guide free for folks to check out. It's an incredible resource and it's what got us started on the right track in the first place!


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