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Holistic internet marketing is the best way to build up your client list and get interested customers looking at your products. It's about taking your holistic products, services or business online... enabling you to reach the whole world with your message.

holistic internet marketing

It's about making connections. Connecting your products and services with the right people, the ones who are most interested in what you are offering. It's also about marketing with integrity, making sure your clients and customers get the products and services that are right for them.

It's also about marketing your business as a unified whole, making sure that the message you broadcast is the one people are looking for instead of the one you think they are looking for. The distinction may seem small, but trust us, it's one of the most important factors to success.

We've been doing internet marketing for our healing services since 2001, but it wasn't until 2007 that we finally tapped into the right way to do it. We wrote this page to share our tips for success with others who may be in the situation we were in before we discovered the right tools and approach to successful holistic internet marketing.

As a side note before we get started, holistic internet marketing isn't just for those of you who have a holistic oriented service or business. You can read a full definition of holistic internet marketing here. It will help you decide if you want to take a holistic approach to your business building strategies. All right, let's get started....

What can Holistic Internet Marketing do for Your Business?

reiki practitioner business

You're probably here because you've decided you want your own healing business. Maybe you've finished getting attuned to Reiki and want to hang your shingle as a Reiki healer. Or you're a massage therapist, emotional freedom technique practitioner, qigong teacher, meditation facilitator, intuitive reader or a crystal healer. Or... maybe you offer a product instead of a service. Perhaps its vibrational essences, aromatherapy soaps, energy charged crystal jewelry, herbal remedies or spiritual art.

Or maybe you've been in business for years, but have never made enough profit from it to really feel successful.

Regardless of what your healing business is, whether your just starting out, or have been working at it for years, you need one of two things to be succesful: customers or clients.

That's easy. You only need 10 clients a week or 30 product orders a week. Right?

holistic marketing abundance

When we first started out years ago we thought it was simply a matter of opening ourselves to the divine energy of abundance and watching as our client list grew and grew. It was a quick learning experience. We found out that being self-employed means taking care of many aspects to running a business, with one of the most important being marketing.

Without marketing (translation: generating interest from clients or customers), it won't matter how incredible your upcoming "Life Transformations" workshop may be or how accurate your intuitive readings are.

So how do you let folks know about your business? For us, the most powerful and effective method has been through creating a website using holistic internet marketing techniques. When we launched our website, it changed everything for us! Starting your own website can do the same for you.

How'd we get started? There was a lot of trial and error. You can read all about our failed website attempts if you want to. It's a sordid story with lots and lots of time spent (we're talking years) with many different website platforms. We worked hard on those websites to promote our healing services, but we never understood why no one (except our mothers) ever came to them. It was like those websites were lost in orbit off the planet Pluto.

We cut that story off onto another page, so we can focus on the end result, how to succeed using holistic internet marketing strategies to successfully build your healing business. We're going to walk you through it all so you can avoid the mistakes we made.

Getting Started with Holistic Internet Marketing

We're going to cover two points in this holistic internet marketing article. Keyword optimization and pre-selling with free content. Both of these are keys to success that many holistic small business owners overlook. Let's talk about keywords first.

Putting up a website will expand my business : holistic website building This is where most people make their first mistake. We definitely did. For many folks starting out its easy to come to the conclusion that putting up a three or four page website promoting your services or products will lead to lots of new clients and customers. To get any benefit from your marketing efforts on your website, you need to know a little bit about how the internet works first.

It all starts with keywords : People find websites when they search for "keyword phrases" in a search engine such as google. The search engines then look for the pages they feel will best connect those searchers to the most relevant information out of all the websites on the internet.

Sounds easy right? We thought so too. All you need to do is get into your ideal client's head. What would they type in? Let's look at a quick example, the page you're on.

It's called "holistic internet marketing". Any idea why? Because its a keyword term that is used fairly frequently. But how did we choose it over so many others? Did we guess? Did we take a poll of everyone we know to see what term they would use to search for?

holistic website optimizing Most website owners play the guessing game. We used to with our previous websites. Should we call the page "spiritual marketing", "alternative healing business tips", "energy healing business marketing", "build a healing therapy business", "holistic internet marketing" or maybe "new age marketing strategies"?

Those are the kinds of questions we asked ourselves when we first got started with online website marketing for our holistic business. There was no way for us to know what was right or wrong. (By the way, none of those phrases are keyword search terms that people type in with any frequency. They sound good though, as good as "holistic internet marketing" but they won't result in any traffic while the term "holistic internet marketing" will result in traffic. It's a very important distinction.)

We found the answer after many years of not knowing there was even a problem. We thought the problem was that no one came to our website. The real problem was we didn't know how to choose the right keywords for our website.

The difference? Less than ten visits a month (yep a month) to our old website and around 25,000 visits a month to our new website. Keywords are really important. More important than a beautifully designed website. More important than pulitzer-prize quality writing. It's keywords! Generally there are three options for tapping into keywords as a method for attracting visitors to your website.

Option 1) Build webpages, guess which keywords people might be typing as search terms and hope for the best. (Bad option!)

Option 2)Sign up for a subscription to a keyword research tool or use one of the less reliable free ones on the market. (A little better...)

Option 3) Use a webhost that offers the tools built in. (Our preferred choice!)

After spending years following option number 1, we can honestly say it's not an option. Take our track record of 10 visitors a month as proof. If you set up a website to market your holistic business and play the guessing game with keywords, you won't be marketing your business. You're website will be orbiting Pluto just like ours was. Options 2 and 3 are much better approaches. (We choose option 3 ourselves...)

We'll cover keyword research in more depth in another article. For now, let's move on to the other important factor to holistic internet marketing success that we want to address. Pre-selling with free content.

Holistic Internet Marketing Concept: Pre-Selling

website marketing What does that mean? We're getting to it, but first let's talk about two of the most prevalent types of websites around: service and shopping cart and why we don't believe they work... Most folks starting out with website marketing put up a basic 3 or 4 page website that details their services or a shopping cart website that sells their products.

We've done both over the years. We had a website to promote our reiki and sound healing services called and a shopping cart website called for selling my reiki charged crystal jewelry designs.

Guess what... the service website was the one that got less than 10 visitors a month after being online for 3 years and after we handed out about a billion business cards to everyone we met. The shopping cart website never made a single sale after over a year online, and we had no way of knowing if anyone ever saw it because there were no traffic measuring reports with that webhost.

Think about it. Who wants in-your-face marketing approaches? Not most people, and especially not those who are interested in holistic services and products. Subtlety in marketing approaches and real connections with real people are the key to getting folks to choose you over all of the other options.

What's a typical service website? You've probably seen hundreds of them over the years. Most folks put up a standard service website that's all about me-me-me. Look at my services. Look at my credentials. Don't you want to sign up for a healing session now? It's got one point, and that's to announce to the world what you've got going on, what you are offering. There's nothing there to make a connection with. It's like a static billboard.

Then there's the shopping cart website concept. It throws all of your products right in a visitor's (potential customer's) face and says buy-buy-buy. The webhosts who offer shopping cart template websites don't allow for more than a short description of each product. Once again, there's no connection. Most shopping cart webhosts don't even have the option of adding more than one or two pages of written text to explain about you and your products. There's not enough room to let people know who you are, how you make your products, and why they should buy from you instead of anyone else. It's flat and empty. No connection. (There's also no room for keyword optimization. You need a huge marketing budget and a lot of advertising dollars to make it with a shopping cart website otherwise no one will ever see it.)

Hmmm. Definitely not what we had in mind when we started our online marketing campaign.

Then we learned about the concept of pre-selling. It's a holistic internet marketing concept: making connections with potential customers and clients.

preselling internet marketing

Pre-selling. It's the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you connect with a friend over a cup of home brewed herbal tea. It's meeting someone at a convention or festival and deciding to stay in touch because you "grooved with their energy". It's reading something online that makes you feel like you really connected with the author on a deep, intimate, emotional level even though you've never met them.

Pre-selling is one of the most overlooked internet holistic marketing concepts. It's about offering your website visitors a glimpse into who you are, what goes on inside your head, what your feelings are on different subjects. It lets them connect with you through the abstract realm of the internet, until they feel like they know you. Similar to making friends in the real world.

It's about not walking up to a stranger on the street and saying, "Don't you want a reflexology treatment from me? It's only $75 for a reflexology session and you can buy two to save 20% off your purchase..."

Instead it's about answering the question, "What is reflexology?" on your website. It's about saying hey here's a "free reflexology foot chart" in case you're interested. Then on the sidelines saying "Oh, by the way, I also happen to be a reflexologist practicing in New York....or....I also happen to have an ebook about how to do reflexology at home."

holistic internet marketing preselling

It's a softer more subtle approach that gives your website visitors something for free, deepens the connection between you and them, and then offers your products or services on the side... just in case they happen to be interested.

The best way to do pre-selling is to combine it with keyword optimization. You won't know what people are looking for without the keyword knowledge. By the way in the last few paragraphs I threw in some keywords. "Reflexology treatment" and "reflexology session" are not keywords people are looking for. "What is reflexology" and "free reflexology foot chart" are keywords folks are searching for. Without knowing the keywords... it's still a guessing game, even with pre-selling.

This site is a prime example of pre-selling and holistic internet marketing techniques. What do we have? Over 200 articles about alternative healing modalities, free how-to techniques, a members share a story section for people to connect, and even free group distance healing every Sunday night.

All of that free content serves to let us connect with people....people who may or may not be our prospective customers. We leave that decision to them. Either way, when they visit they get lots of free information and most likely feel as though we are real people who are really into energy healing. It's definitely working. We're delighted to have 25,000 visits to our healing website every month. It sure beats the days when we got less than 10 visits a month... and it puts money in our pockets as well.

You can use the holistic internet marketing concept of pre-selling for your website by offering up a handful of articles related to your products or services. It will help to establish you as an expert in your niche, help visitors (potential customers and clients) get to know you better, and help your website get found in the search engines by using good keywords on those pre-selling pages.

You can do this on a large scale like we have, adding lots and lots of content pages and building a successful online holistic website business. Or you can do it on a small scale for the purpose of developing your local holistic business or service by funneling website traffic to your local products and services. On a small scale it takes as little as ten content pages.

reflexology as a internet marketing example

To revisit the reflexology example, here's ten great pages that could be added to a reflexologist's website to help them tap into an interested market of people. There are the two I already mentioned "what is reflexology" and "free reflexology foot chart".

Here's eight more: "hand reflexology chart", "reflexology points", "reflexology shoes" (review a few brands!), "reflexology techniques", "reflexology for autism", "reflexology for migraine", "online reflexology classes" (make your own course!), "arthritis and reflexology", and finally "depression and reflexology". These are all keyword phrases that are searched for regularly by folks who are ideal customers for a reflexologist.

Wow. Whoever stops by that website will say, "They sure are into reflexology! They must know what they're talking about. Oh look, they've got an online reflexology class for $99. Hmmm. I think I'll do that.

See how this concept could be applied to your therapeutic service website or your new age product website? It draws people in by sharing something for free, lets them get to know you, and puts them in the mood to solicit your services or buy your products. And best of all, it's a completely ethical, holistic approach to business. It puts relationships and people first, puts the emphasis on cooperation instead of competion, and lets you share your wealth of knowledge with people all around the world. A win-win for everyone!

This is the first article in our holistic internet website marketing series. Read the rest of them to find out more about how you can utilize the methods, approaches, and tools of holistic marketing in your website marketing campaign.

We hope you leave this page with one concept buzzing between your ears: holistic internet marketing is an approach to making connections with real people all across the planet, real people who could become your next customer, your next client, or your next busy word-of-mouth referrer.

The next article in our holistic internet marketing series is holistic website optimizing (coming soon) and will take a deeper look at keyword research and how you can choose the right keywords for your web pages.

Holistic internet marketing can bring you a full client list, a ton of product orders, or even move your business into a whole new realm like it has for us... switching over to an online residual income business model that leaves you free to spend your days doing whatever it is that you love the most...

"I ran across this really cool website on reflexology the other day. You've just got to check it out." See how that works?

p.s.... what's the difference between wholistic internet marketing and holistic internet marketing? Zero searches per day vs. 65 searches per day. Keywords pay off!


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