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by Jamie Alexander
(Springfield, Illinois)

Question: Can you send energy healing to two of my sons? I am desperate. I have two sons that are my life and one of them, Jacob, the twenty year old is making terribly destructive decisions and is addicted to drugs and having legal problems. My seventeen year old son, Caleb is having a severe mental illness (severe depression and ocd). Please help if you can. Thank you, Jamie Alexander

Answer: Hello Jamie, I'll start running some energy for you and your family today and will continue to do so for the next few days. In addition, I send energy healing (Reiki) to everybody who visits the site every week.

Self destructive behavior in people you love is tough to watch. One of the toughest truths in life is that you can't make other people do what you feel is right for them. Trying to do so can make you feel disempowered. Since that doesn't feel good (and it doesn't accomplish a positive result), I'll make two suggestions that will support a feeling of empowerment.

You can lead by example by being positive and motivated. By doing this, you will passively but powerfully educate your sons about how to live constructively. Parents do this anyway, with both beneficial and non-beneficial behaviors. By paying attention to your own behavior patterns, you'll improve your own life and show your sons (and others) how to improve theirs.

This method takes a lot of commitment. It isn't necessarily easy, but it is guaranteed to have good results. Mohandas Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

I interpret that statement as being a way of accepting that you can't change things outside yourself but you have absolute power over your own actions. Those actions then ripple outwards to the rest of the world. Send out a positive ripple.

The second idea is to simply be supportive. This means offering unconditional love to your sons. Let them know you realize they are doing their best and you love them with all your heart.

If either of your sons would consider natural remedies, I'd recommend a good quality multiple vitamin and Essential Fatty Acids. In my work as a nutritionist, I've seen many imbalances; physical, mental, and emotional, brought into harmony through these simple supplements.

Empower yourself. Do some research on these two things by looking around on the internet or local health food stores. The more you learn, the more it can help you in your own life. From there, you will be well equipped to educate and support others in making healthy choices in food and supplements.

In addition to researching supplements, look into healthy eating habits. Food choices play a large role in emotional health. Your brain is made of cells and your cells are made of the foods you consume. Your brain is primarily (about 60%) made of fat, therefore the fats you consume go to the construction of new brain cells.

Research this subject and you'll realize why it's important to reduce or eliminate deep fried foods and highly processed and fast foods. One big one to avoid is foods that contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. This nasty stuff is is many processed foods. Bad stuff. Again, do the research. It's worth it.

Another one to reduce or eliminate is refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Bad stuff. It's everywhere but that doesn't mean it's unavoidable or that it's okay. Research. Empower yourself. Use that information to improve your life. Lead by example.

I wish you and your family the best. Dream well.

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