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A Gemini Woman in Love can be flirty and full of games. Do you know how to bring this air sign down to earth long enough to catch her heart? Read on to discover the secrets of what makes a Gemini woman stick around....

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gemini woman in love

The Gemini woman is quick-witted, clever, creative and a delight to be around. Equipped with a sense of humor and highly adaptable, she is likable and popular in social circles. Mental stimulation is vital for her as she likes to be intrigued and engaged in fascinating conversation. Boredom, routine and predictability don't appeal to her as she is generally restless and needs her space and freedom. She lives primarily through the mental realm, which can get the better of her as she sometimes discounts the role of feelings. The Gemini woman is contradictory and fickle in nature and can be a detached game-player or social flirt, depending on her many changeable moods. She dislikes being confined and finds emotional men too sensitive, clingy and difficult to handle.

She is most attracted to men who can challenge her mentally. However, she has a tendency to focus on the superficial aspects of an individual and may be too caught up in a mate's wits, charms, intelligence and flashy external glamor. When a Gemini woman in love makes choices based solely through the mental plane, she realizes that the vital emotional connection with her mate may be missing.

In her younger years, she is prone to equating extensive superficial conversation with deeper communication and commitment to a mate. As she matures, she learns to dig deeper beneath the surface of a potential partner and not get caught up with external superficialities. The urge to find her 'lost twin' can be pressing but she needs to develop a healthy relationship with her inner emotions and needs first before she starts projecting her own ideals onto someone else. An increase in self-awareness and consciousness by linking both the heart and head energies together is the key to making relationships work for her.


A Gemini woman can be hard to pin down. Due to her dual nature she can be madly in love at one moment and completely over it in another. The best way to catch a Gemini is to keep things exciting. Keep her coming back long enough and she'll realize she's fallen for you. But you've got to keep her coming back in the first place by dazzling her with new and interesting things. Take this girl out on the town, and let the bright lights and sizzle of city life entrance her. Keep things light at first too. Let her get to know the joker in you before showing any signs of a sensitive inner nature.

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