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gemini twins symbol

The Gemini twins symbol has it's roots in antiquity.
They originated as the divine horse twins in Sumerian mythology.
They can be found by various names in Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse and Vedic mythology.


gemini twins symbol 4 The word gemini in Latin literally translates as twins. So the imagery of twins people often see associated with the gemini zodiac sign are actually based in legend and aren't just artistic license.

The most frequent representations of the gemini twins are from Greek mythology referring to the gods Castor and Polydeuces (commonly referred to as as Castor and Pollux).

Castor and Pollux were greek gods who represented the dual nature of this sign. They were considered to be inseperable, but quite different from one another. One was said to be human, the other immortal.

This dual nature is an integral part of this zodiac sign's nature. Gemini's have two sides within that can be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

If you've ever known a gemini that couldn't seem to make up their mind, or were madly in love with one person and then flippantly casual the next moment, you've met the duality of the twins. No other sign in the zodiac comes close to having this double nature. The closest is in the libra scales symbol, where libra's find themselves constantly seeking out balance and contemplating opposite sides of a situation.


gemini twins symbol 7

These zodiac twins are also strongly associated with horses and are considered gods of the horses. As a result geminis have horse as an animal totem and get much of their free-spirited ways from these graceful creatures.

Gemini symbols are optimists, free-spirits, imaginative, and interested in everthing new that comes their way. They love to explore and are happiest when they have the freedom to try fresh experiences. For the twins sign life is a game, an ever-changing, always evolving game.

They also share a trait with the chinese astrology sign of dragon, they change their minds. All the time. They can be committed to convictions and clear on a path at one moment. The next time you see them, they've possibly completely forgotten about that route and gone in an entirely new direction.

This changeability makes them one of the most adaptable signs in the zodiac. But stability isn't this air signs strongest trait. They'd rather pack up for adventures unknown than stick around and do the 9 to 5 dance.


Check out gemini symbols art for more images of the twins, or read more about this zodiac sign in the next article.

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