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The Gemini symbol represents duality.
It brings consciousness to the light and dark aspects of all things.

Like the Moon, the Gemini zodiac symbol has a light side. Hidden from view is the shadow aspect. We know it's there but are uncomfortable when it's exposed.

The traditional symbol for this sign is the Roman numeral two. It is representative of twins, mother/father, light/dark and all other forms of duality. Polarity is a personality trait oftentimes associated with those born under Gemini, the bards of the zodiac. Logic, spontaneous action, youth and eloquence accompany the mercurial Twins through the life experience.

Gemini asks our conscious mind to recognize the duality in ourselves and forces us to face our shadows. More so, Gemini challenges us to embrace the dark stranger within. When duality is dissolved into mutuality, the lesson taught by the Twins will have been learned.

Communication, therefore, is a key component to Geminis'. Those born between May 21st and June 20 will be good communicators. This is a manifestation of their soul mission. They are known as masterful wordsmiths. Through communication, gemini speaks their truth to the world. The lesson taught is honesty and openness.

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Meditating upon the symbolism of Gemini will help you to dissolve the illusion of separation. This is integral for evolution of the mind and spirit. While your conscious mind is focused on Gemini, feel within yourself aspects that make you uncomfortable. Are you afraid of anger? Do you fear being alone? Is there a deep melancholy within?

Gemini challenges you to fully explore these components of yourself until you discover exactly why they are there. Where do you feel them in your body? Examine thoughts and memories that arise until you come to an understanding and acceptance that they are aspects of you. They deserve love as much as the lighter aspects to your personality and will be restless until love returns.

Gemini helps you understand it's important to love all of yourself, even the parts that scare you. Offer gratitude to Gemini for revealing this aspect and then remember the mantra of the Gemini, "let's have fun!".


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The symbol for this astrology sign is most often depicted as the gemini zodiac symbol roman numeral two and as the gemini twins sign. See more on the next page of this series, Gemini Symbol Art or check out all of our pages on the gemini zodiac sign below.

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