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gemini symbol art 25

A gemini symbol art collection of many different zodiac images of the twins sign.

These gemini symbols have been collected from different artists throughout the internet. Browse and enjoy!

gemini symbol

The classic symbol in black and white.

gemini symbol art 13 gemini symbol art 5

Above left: A gemini icon from
Above right: Unknown artist.

gemini symbol art 14

Above: Random art images of the astrological twins sign.

gemini symbol art 24 gemini symbol art 23

Above left: Unknown artist. Above right: Jessica Galbreth.

gemini symbol art 21 gemini symbol art 3

Above left: Jennifer Lester. Above right: Jessica Galbreth.

gemini symbol art 27 gemini symbol art 28

Above left: Dean Bertoncelj. Above right: Unknown artist.


gemini symbol art 2

Above: Unknown artist (but amazing).


The gemini twins symbol has been used in modern art form extensively. From photographs to statues to paintings... even to body painting like the unknown artist above. It's symbolism and meaning is that of the twins from the zodiac. A flipped coin. Double-sided.

Gemini's are social creatures who tend to take flight if the people around them get too serious. This simple art collection is perfect on that count. Just long enough to have some interesting images, but not wordy enough to bore the ever-roaming twins. Hope you enjoyed it!

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