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A Gemini Man in Love can be a big flirt. Do you know when he's serious about you and when he's playing? Read more to find out what it takes to catch and keep a Gemini man....

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gemini man in love

The Gemini man is a charming social flirt who can get away with almost anything because of his charismatic aura. His charm comes from a restless, changeable personality that craves being the center of attention. Being so versatile, he is also a born entertainer who can take on the role of different personalities in a crowd within a short time. The dual nature of Gemini means you may not see the "real him" for a long time. It will be all smoke and mirrors during those first dates.

His mind is forever on the move but he is not the sort that likes to think about feelings. He lives primarily through the mental plane and flees at the sight of heavy emotional scenes. How the Gemini man begins to realize he is in love is when his thoughts turn to a woman over and over again. It can take him a long time to realize when his feelings have deepened for another, so get ready for a wait!


Gemini men have one weakness, they're too busy wanting to have a good time to think about settling down! Sure, you'll always find him in a relationship, but who's in it with him can change very frequently. This charmer isn't looking for love, and it will take him a while to recognize it when it falls in his lap. In his younger days, the Gemini man may appear to be capricious, fickle and afraid of going deeper into a relationship. This is due to not being in touch with his feelings. He can be so emotionally detached that he pushes others away without being aware of it. As all mutable signs are subconsciously seeking their other half, there is a sense of incompletion in the Gemini man if he isn't involved in a relationship. His lesson in life is to go deeper into his feeling realm instead of living in the head. The obsession with thoughts has to give way to deeper feelings. When he isn't cut off from his heart, he makes one of the most considerate, thoughtful, giving and romantic partners around.

Your Gemini man in love is probably a player, so get ready for some games. To catch his eye keep things casual and fun. Avoid having the "I have feelings for you" talk for as long as possible. It's best to let him broach that subject! If you bring things to the emotional level you may see your Gemini making a beeline for the door. Not because he doesn't feel the same way, but because emotions can bring up levels of discomfort in him. Once you've caught your Gemini, remember that emotions still won't flow freely from him. If you want the excitement of life as one big party, you'll be well suited together, but if you're looking for a romeo romance he probably won't deliver. Expect a charming spotlight seeker who always has a room enthralled with a story or a joke.

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