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Want to find out about Gemini compatibility with other astrology and horoscope signs? Let us guide you through the maze of astrology compatibility matches for this hard to read air sign...

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

Gemini your Greatest Gift is: Charisma

Gemini your Greatest Obstacle is: Scattered Focus

Your ideal Gemini Love Signs Matches are with the Zodiac Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.


gemini compatibility

As a Mercury-ruled native, communication is second nature to you and you naturally gravitate towards social situations and people who are able to stimulate your need for light-hearted fun. You love the idea of love and are always looking for a relationship, perhaps to find your 'lost twin' to complete you at some subconscious level.

With such a penchant for excitement, novelty and variety, you have a tendency to spread your energies too thin and lack focus and direction.

Being a thinker sign of the highest order, there is a tendency to live in the head and ignore the feeling part of you. The biggest challenge therefore lies in confronting your deeper emotions, instead of suppressing them.

Your social butterfly tendencies are strong, but if you choose to experience life only through superficial fun, you are likely to become emotionally fragmented and overwhelmed sooner or later. Eventually, you come to realize that scattering your energies in several directions doesn't provide you with the depth of emotional connection that you would like to forge with a partner.

Instead of speeding through life, slowing down to see what is really happening and then patiently processing the facts will create more balance in your life ultimately.


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