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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Gemini and Virgo compatibility match can be challenging as two very different worlds collide together. Find out how this Air sign and Earth sign fare in matters of love and relationships...

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Both being ruled by the planet Mercury, it would seem at first glance that these two zodiac signs could be a perfect astrology compatibility match. Both Gemini and Virgo enjoy stimulating conversations and social interactions, so chances are if these two meet they'll want to get to know each other more.

There can be a strong initial attraction for these two. There are likely to be sparks flying and lots of late night conversations between these two social butterflies.

But both signs come from such different perspectives that there are likely to be personality clashes if they decide to take their relationship to the next level.


Virgo with a strong practical streak oftens lives an orderly life with lots of routine. They have a tendency to be more comfortable in a traditional relationship and need order to feel content.

Gemini on the other hand has a tendency towards restlessness and prefers freedom, excitement and change.

This is a fundamental difference that makes Gemini and Virgo compatibility difficult. Their very natures are quite different. Where Virgo wants a solid mate and a committed union Gemini often isn't ready to settle down with one partner until late in life. Depending on when these two meet could determine if the relationship has a chance for long term success.

There are other differences as well...


Virgo's well known criticism and perfectionist tendencies can put a damper on the sparks for these two. Gemini, who can often care less about focusing on the little details in life, probably won't be able to appease Virgo's need for order, cleanliness and for things to be done "their way".

This Virgo tendency could rub their free-spirited Gemini partner the wrong way, leaving them feeling unappreciated and ready to flee.

In turn, it could be exasperating for a Virgo to live with such a carefree sign. Most likely Gemini won't be able to provide their earthy Virgo with the structured lifestyle they crave, leaving Virgo feeling shaken up without a strong foundation.

Another issue that could arise for the two is Gemini's tendency towards light-hearted relationships. They aren't as quick to share deep, inner feelings which could leave Virgo feeling as though they don't know their lover very well at all.

Gemini's can also have a tendency to slip into "little white lies" or exaggerations of stories, for the sake of a better story. This trait is likely to turn a Virgo off, who needs to feel secure in the honesty and stability of a relationship.


Overall it's not an easy astrological match. Virgo is likely to want more security, stability, order, and routine than their Gemini can provide. In turn Gemini is likely to want more spontaneity, freedom, excitement, and drama than their Virgo can provide.

Even though both mutable signs are able to see each other's perspective, compatibility for Virgo and Gemini is very hard to sustain, unless there are more favorable aspects from each other's chart.

To make this Gemini and Virgo astrology compatibility match work, both will need to find the middle ground, with Gemini taming their wilder ways and Virgo releasing some of the criticism and need for perfection.


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