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A Gemini and Scorpio compatibility match can be challenging. Read for more details about how this Air sign and Water sign usually fare in relationships.

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A Scorpio and Gemini compatibility match is an unlikely pairing as the both of them are so drastically different in basic temperament and characteristics.

Scorpio is essentially a highly emotional and sensitive sign who will probably be too brooding, deep and intense for Gemini's liking.

Gemini's light-hearted and social nature may not sit well with Scorpio, who often prefers a deep emotional connection with their mate.


The difference between these two starts with how the relate to others on an emotional level. Scorpio's typically have strong hidden currents of emotions flowing at all times under their surface. When they relate to others, including their lovers, they are often communicating from an emotional state. Emotions rule this water sign.

Gemini's often relate to others on a light-hearted, almost superficial level, and prefer to keep things casual and light.

Scorpio is likely to feel emotionally unsatisfied by a Gemini mate, feeling that their relationship doesn't have enough depth to make it last. Gemini on the other hand is likely to feel uncomfortable with Scorpio's emotional intensity, feeling that their mate always takes things "too seriously".


Another factor that works against this scorpio gemini astrology compatibility match is flirting and jealousy.

Gemini's are known as notorious flirts. It is not uncommon for a free-spirited Gemini to flirt with everyone in sight, it's simply in their nature. (They also have a tendency to "wander" from a committed relationship more than many other signs.)

Scorpio on the other hand wants to settle down with their lover once and for all when they've found the right person. They want a serious committment and need to know that their lover looks to them first. They can have a tendency to lean towards jealous and possessive energies.

With Gemini's tendency towards a flirting and Scorpio's tendency towards jealousy, this match could experience disasters almost every time they go to a party! Scorpio and Gemini compatibility can be extremely difficult because of these two differences in philosophy.


There are some big issues for these two.

Gemini often relates to others on a light-hearted level where Scorpio wants to genuinely bond on the deepest, highest emotional level possible. Establishing casual friends is not Scorpio's favorite past time while for Gemini it practically qualifies as a "need".

Gemini may feel smothered by Scorpio's emotional nature and possessiveness. Scorpio may feel unsatisfied with the casual relationship that Gemini offers. As a result of all this, compatibility for Gemini and Scorpio lends itself to difficulty in long term romantic involvement.

Unless there are more harmonious influences from each other's chart, this is a highly unlikely pairing to make it for the long haul.


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