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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility match can work but it will take mutual understanding. Find out how this air sign and fire sign can make a relationship work.

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Being opposite signs on the zodiac wheel, these two either instantly attract or repel one another. On some level, there is mutual understanding as both share a love for adventure, personal freedom and mental stimulation. This is a solid point in astrological compatibility for a Gemini Sagittarius match.

These two independent individuals will enjoy a spontaneous and exciting relationship by giving each other space and freedom to be his/her own individual.

Nevertheless, Gemini operates in society mainly on a superficial intellectual level, whereas the more physically active Sagittarius possesses a larger picture of life with a more philosophical frame of mind.


Although life will never be dull and routine with these two signs, the ever-changing fickle-mindedness of Gemini could frustrate the Archer, who wants to aim high in life through his fiery idealism. Sagittarius on could also find Gemini's need for socializing a little too flirtatious. A determined Sagittarius Gemini couple will find a way to work past these minor differences. Their astrology compatibility is strong, and their relationship can be strong as well.

For these lovebirds to last, the Sagittarius must understand that socializing (and flirting) is a natural expression of their lover's personality. That flirtatious nature isn't likely to go away, and tying the knot won't make a difference.

This combination of Fire and Air generally creates much mutual ground for both individuals that could be long-lasting, as long as they can give each other ample mutual space, freedom, autonomy and respect.


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