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Trouble brews for a Gemini and Pisces compatibility match. Keep reading to find out why this air and water combo may not be the best match for a long term relationship.

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Pisces and Gemini make a challenging relationship in the zodiac wheel. There are inherent differences in their personalities which have to be worked around.

Nevertheless, these two can often be initially drawn towards each other because they are both emotionally elusive and tend to avoid expressing their innermost needs. Astrology compatibility for Gemini and Pisces is strange in that their challenges can also make it a workable combination.

Though both are highly imaginative, Pisceans are more prone to living in a fantasy world and feel the need to establish a deep, meaningful and highly spiritual union. Since Pisces is more likely to make a strong effort to accommodate Gemini's needs, and may feel resentful if their efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. This is an area where the astrological combination shows potential for difficulty.

Gemini is innately the more restless of the two and is harder to be tied down in a commitment. Geminis tend to be loads of fun, but avoid expressing the deeper aspects of their feelings. They'd rather move on to the next party or good time.

In contrast once an emotional bond has been forged, Pisces tends to put complete trust in a relationship, believing in happy-ever-after endings. They may not understand Gemini's reluctance to settle down as quickly. They may also sacrifice their own emotional needs and have a tendency to slip into the role of rescuer to their Gemini lover, even when their partner doesn't need rescuing.

Because Pisces has a tendency to carry excess emotional baggage into a new relationship, there is danger that they might feel victimized and perceive their Gemini partner as taking advantage of their sensitive nature. This often isn't the case, and instead relates to a natural character trait of Geminis, their casual, light-hearted approach to life... and love.

Gemini, being flirtatious, restless and always ready for something new may find their partner's need for long-term committment stifling. The fears that the Pisces partner carries may be exactly the thing that drives their Gemini away.


Unless there are more compatible harmonious influences from each other's chart, this pairing is unlikely to make it for the long haul. Ways to help a Pisces and Gemini relationship work include honing in on the similarities between the two signs. Their emotional distance can be a boon that let's them work through other more notable differences.

Pisces needs to understand that it can take a long time for their air sign partner to commit to a long-term relationship. Gemini in turn needs to respect the deep emotional undercurrents (not expressed, but still there) that exist in their water sign lover and give their Piscean some signs that a deep connection exists between them.


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