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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Gemini and Gemini compatibility match can be rewarding in the short term but challenging in the long run. Find out how these two air signs can make it work.

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When these two air signs first get together, there will be no shortage of chemistry in the bedroom and good times out on the town. They both possess a notorious flirtatious streak and love their freedom, so neither can accuse the other of jealousy or trying to pin each other down. In this regard, astrology compatibility for two Gemini lovers is good.

Because they are both witty, charming and adaptable individuals who approach life with enthusiasm and youthfulness, they have a mutual understanding of each other's need for freedom and are able to communicate their needs to each other with ease.


Geminis tend to relate to others on a superficial level so when difficulties or problems arise, this pairing may not have the staying power to work things out patiently in a mature manner. The astrological compatibility present at first sight doesn't lend itself to the long term.

Both gravitate more towards fun and frivolity and without a grounding partner between the two, they may not find the stability of a long-term relationship in each other. Both may be too emotionally aloof and detached to sustain a rewarding relationship based on real emotional rapport and intimacy.

Being so unpredictable, restless and needing constant mental stimulation to quench their innate sense of curiosity, they are likely to become bored and feel stifled when things fall into a routine.

The similarity in their characteristics will eventually bind them together or pull them apart. A double love match for this air sign may be best left for friendship.


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