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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Gemini and Capricorn compatibility match is challenged from the start. Read on for more information about why this free as a bird air sign and serious earth sign are unlikely to get along.

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When these two signs get together, they may make a somewhat odd coupling initially, unless more compatible harmonious influences are found in each other's chart. Any initial attraction may soon falter as soon as these two zodiac signs get to know each other better. The differences are too strong for a Gemini and Capricorn astrology compatibility match to be likely to last for the long run.

Although both seek independence, and this astrological pairing provides that, Capricorns serious demeanor and "focused on reality" attitude towards life contrasts sharply with Geminis free spirited living in the moment approach to life.

Gemini is essentially a freedom-loving, restless and flighty individual who is unable to appreciate (or welcome) Capricorn's persistence and need for commitment, success, social status and security. This inabliity to see eye to eye is a bad sign for long-term astrology compatibility for a Capricorn Gemini as a love match.


Gemini's penchant for light-hearted fun, new adventures and carefree living is in sharp contrast to the Goat's perspective for tenacity and hard work in life. What the latter needs is emotional stability and dependability from a mate and Gemini may be the last person able to provide that.

Capricorn values integrity, honesty, loyalty and commitment in a relationship, which are traits that hardly resonate with the Gemini mate. Gemini is likely to feel controlled, stifled and claustrophobic in this relationship as material gains are insufficient to compensate for the mental stimulation, innate curiosity and socializing that is needed. Astrology compatibility just isn't likely.

To make this love match work, both partners will have to find some common ground. The only shared traits that are inherent in these signs is a need for independence and freedom in a relationship.

Capricorn will have to yield some need for control and get in touch with the lighter, more relaxed side of their personality. Gemini may need to reign in some of their free-spiritness and pay attention to their partner's need for stability and security in life.

The pairing can work, but it will take just that... work, to make it happen for the long run.


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