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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Gemini and Cancer compatibility match can be fraught with difficulty. Find out how this fun loving air sign and moody water sign usually do when put together.

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These two zodiac signs come from such vastly different perspectives that they have almost totally contradictory approaches to relationships. This makes it a difficult pairing in most cases.

Being one of the most emotional and sensitive signs, Cancer will only let down its guard and start communicating their innermost feelings when it feels safe and secure.

The Gemini mate on the other hand, tends to connect to others quickly on a lighter superficial level and usually gravitates towards those who are mentally agile, stimulating and fun to be around.

Cancer is likely to be too emotionally sensitive, reserved and introverted for the outgoing, sociable Gemini. And Gemini's flirtatious manners won't sit well with the Crab who seeks a deep connection. Cancer will be all too aware every time their Gemini flirts with someone. With these differences a Gemini and Cancer astrology compatibility match can be emotionally challenging for both lovers.

Furthermore, Cancer is prone to drastic mood swings which could put a dampener on Gemini who is often tempted to run away at the first sign of moodiness in others. Gemini wants a party. Cancer wants a deep emotional connection. The two worlds orbit far from one another.

The Crab's brooding nature and need for emotional depth in a partner may lead to Gemini running for the exit as excessive emotions are repulsive to the emotionally detached and aloof Twins. The fickle-mindedness of Gemini will leave Cancer feeling confused and lost, leaving behind a trail of self-doubt and insecurity.


Unless more harmonious aspects are found in each other's chart, astrology compatibility for this pairing inevitably produces much tension. Cancer can end up feeling rejected and frustrated by their flirtatious partner. Gemini can end up feeling stifled and trapped by the emotional needs of their partner.

To make this love affair work, both partners will need to be deeply committed to creating a lasting union. Gemini must be in a time and place in their life when they are ready to finally settle down with a mate. Cancer must give their carefree air sign enough room to roam and feel free. If both partners want to make it work, it can happen, but it will be a difficult adjustment unless these concessions are met.


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