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A Gemini and Aquarius compatibility match can have a solid relationship based in friendship but typically there isn't much sizzle of attraction or chemistry. These two air signs are more likely to help one another through life's experiences as close friends than to end up in each other's beds. Read on for all of the details.

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When a Gemini and an Aquarian come together, it often signals the beginning of a strong friendship that could blossom into a solid connection based on mutual understanding and respect. Both are communicative and sociable individuals who navigate well in society and thrive on establishing meaningful relationships with both their friends and family. Astrology compatibility for Gemini and Aquarius lends itself to long-lasting friendship.

These two air signs typically don't have a love at first sight attraction. They fit more into the shoulder to lean on category than the hot, steamy affair category.

Since both have an independent streak and value personal freedom highly, neither is inclined to fence the other in. This is where astrology compatibility for these two really works together. Both also have an erratic and unpredictable streak in their personalities - as long as they can temper this aspect of their characters, their great mental rapport and mutual love for intellectual stimulation should be able to override this and weather the storms.

Of the two, Gemini is more adaptable and flexible in the relationship, whereas Aquarius is more strong-willed and inflexible by nature.

Should any disagreement arise due to their emotionally detached style or otherwise, Aquarius might frustrate Gemini with the stubborn streak in his/her character and refusal to give in at times. Astrology compatibility for Aquarius and Gemini is challenged in this area.


Because they are drawn towards each other based more on intellectual capacity rather than sexual desire, they are able to give to as much as they take from each other, always putting the value of friendship first above everything else.

A relationship between these two can work, but it is more likely to stay platonic in the first place, or to drift naturally in that direction as the years pass. As long as both partners are comfortable with this lack of sizzle in the bedroom (or willing to work on igniting some passion), they will be a wonderful match for each other's temperments.


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